Free Alternatives to Cheaterbuster AI for Catching Cheating Partners

Cheaterbuster AI is a popular service that leverages artificial intelligence to catch cheating partners on dating sites like Tinder. However, it requires a paid subscription which may not suit everyone’s budget. Thankfully, there are some free alternatives that offer similar functions to expose potential infidelity.


Cheaterbuster AI gained fame as a smart AI-powered tool for catching cheating spouses on Tinder. It searches Tinder profiles using details like name, location, and photos provided by the suspicious user to uncover matching profiles. However, pricing starts at $15 for 5 searches which adds up for regular use.

For those unwilling or unable to pay for Cheaterbuster AI, there are a few free alternatives that provide similar services on Tinder as well as other platforms using intelligent search functions and image recognition capabilities.

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Free Alternatives to Cheaterbuster for Checking Cheating

TinEye Reverse Image Search

TinEye is a free reverse image search engine. It allows searching by image to find where else on the web it appears. You can upload your partner’s photo to potentially uncover matching dating site profile pictures they may be using.


This free facial recognition service creates a digital fingerprint from photos which can then be used to identify other pictures of the same person online. Great for catching cheaters using lesser known dating sites.


ProfileSearcher is a free online reputation check tool. It aggregates user profiles from 30+ platforms including top dating sites. Enter your partner’s name and location to reveal associated profiles.


Spokeo collects extensive information on people from thousands of data sources. The free search can uncover your partner’s profiles on various networks, helping expose potential cheating activity.

Instant Checkmate

This people search engine aggregates publicly available records and social media profiles. The free version can compile useful details and connections about your suspicious partner.

Google & Bing Image Search

You can simply use Google and Bing image search to check if your partner’s photos appear elsewhere online. Navigate to or and drag in any suspicious pictures for a quick check.

Limitations of Free Services

While useful, free alternatives do come with some limitations:

  • Limited number of searches on free tiers
  • May lack substantial evidence for concrete proof
  • Publicly available information only
  • Accuracy issues with facial recognition
  • Can’t access non-public dating site accounts
  • Ethical concerns over consent and privacy

So free services should be used carefully as part of a broader evaluation when suspicion arises.


While not flawless, the free tools listed above can aid in uncovering clues about potential infidelity and cheating when used judiciously. They serve as good starting points before considering paid services like Cheaterbuster. Remember to have supporting evidence before making accusations solely based on these search results. Approach with empathy, have an open conversation and avoid spying excessively.

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