How To Use Gameplanner AI: Key Features & Benefits

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming many industries and game development is no exception. An exciting new startup called Gameplanner ai is leveraging AI to revolutionize game planning and production. In this article, we’ll explore what Gameplanner ai is, how it works, the features it offers, and the benefits it provides for game developers.

Overview of gameplanner ai

gameplanner ai is an AI-powered game planning and production platform. It allows game developers to turn their ideas into fully realized games more efficiently.

The platform utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to autogenerate game design documentation, wireframes, prototypes, schedules, budgets, pitches and more based on a game concept provided by the developer.

gameplanner ai was founded in 2021 by gaming industry veterans with decades of experience planning, building and launching hit games. After recognizing how much time and resources went into game pre-production, they set out to create an AI assistant to automate parts of the process.

In 2022, gameplanner ai raised $200 million in Series B funding led by Airbnb to further develop its platform. This brings its total funding raised to over $230 million.

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Key Features of gameplanner ai

Here are some of the key features that gameplanner ai offers:

  • AI-generated game design documentation – The platform can create game concept documents, gameplay descriptions, monetization strategies, user stories and other design docs to align stakeholders early in the process.
  • Interactive wireframes and prototypes – With just a description, gameplanner can generate wireframes and clickable prototypes for rapid visualization and testing of ideas.
  • Auto scheduling and budgeting – The AI can generate development roadmaps, milestones and project plans along with budgets for the game. This helps with planning, resourcing and financing.
  • AI game pitch decks – For pitching to publishers and investors, gameplanner can create beautifully designed pitch decks tailored to your game idea and audience.
  • Market analysis – The platform provides analysis of market trends, competitor games and potential demand to inform planning and positioning.
  • Feedback analysis – As developers iterate, gameplanner can ingest feedback and automatically identify conflicts, risks and dependencies to address.
  • Multi-platform publishing – Once the game is ready, gameplanner provides support for publishing across platforms like mobile, console, PC and cloud gaming services.
  • Continuous learning – With every game made with gameplanner, the AI gets smarter using the data to improve its recommendations and output.

Benefits of Using gameplanner ai

gameplanner ai offers a range of benefits for game developers:

  • Faster pre-production – The AI automation can cut weeks or months from the planning process allowing developers to get to production faster.
  • Cost reduction – Reducing the manual effort in pre-production can lower development costs substantially. gameplanner claims it can save teams 30% or more.
  • Unified visions – With AI generated documentation, the entire team can get aligned on the direction leading to less rework.
  • Rapid prototyping – Quick wireframes and prototypes enable validating and testing ideas early to fail fast and iterate.
  • Dynamic planning – As the game evolves, the AI adjusts schedules, budgets and tasks automatically maintaining an optimal roadmap.
  • Less risk – Using data and analytics, the platform helps identify risks, dependencies and opportunities early reducing downstream issues.
  • Expert guidance – The deep gaming experience embedded in gameplanner provides intelligent recommendations through the development process.
  • Platform independence – The platform is engine, genre and platform agnostic so it can be used for any type of game.

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Who Can Benefit from Using gameplanner ai?

There are a few key segments who can benefit greatly from using gameplanner ai:

  • Independent developers & small studios – With limited resources, these teams can leverage AI to punch above their weight class and make bigger games faster. It levels the playing field.
  • Mid-sized game studios – For studios with multiple team members, gameplanner keeps everyone aligned and facilitates cross-functional collaboration.
  • Large game publishers – Big gaming houses can use gameplanner to ideate and prototype new IP efficiently or improve planning processes on existing franchises.
  • Non-gaming companies – Brands, agencies and non-gaming companies can use the platform to easily turn creative concepts into playable game experiences.
  • New game studios – For those looking to start and scale a studio, gameplanner provides a strong foundation with best practices baked in.

How Game Developers Can Get Started with gameplanner ai

Ready to give gameplanner ai a try for your next game? Here are a few simple steps to get started:

  • Create an account – Go to and sign up for an account. They offer a free plan for solo developers.
  • Describe your game concept – Write a simple 1-2 page description about your game’s story, mechanics, platform, monetization strategy etc.
  • Upload your concept – Upload your concept doc and any other materials like art, diagrams, competitor analysis etc.
  • Review the output – gameplanner will start auto-generating documentation, wireframes, schedules etc. Review the results.
  • Refine the results – Provide feedback to further train gameplanner’s AI to improve the results to your liking.
  • Download assets – Once you’re happy with the output, you can download everything the AI has produced to kickstart your game.
  • Expand access – Add team members to collaborate and allow gameplanner to optimize planning for your full crew.

The Future of AI in Game Development

gameplanner ai represents the vanguard of AI applications in gaming but many experts believe it’s just the beginning. According to research firm SuperData, over 80% of game developers plan to implement AI in some capacity within 3 years.

Some ways AI could continue to transform gaming include:

  • Next-generation procedural content generation – AI that can develop triple-A quality game art and assets autonomously.
  • AI-assisted testing – Bots that can playtest games thoroughly to identify bugs and flaws faster than human QA.
  • Hyper-realistic AI characters – In-game characters powered by AI with near human capabilities for interaction.
  • Predictive analytics – Insights from player data to allow AIs to design levels, difficulty curves and content tailored to each player.
  • Automated game maintenance – Using AI for localization, testing, tuning and updates to run live game operations independently.

While human creativity will always be at the core, AI looks to make game developers’ lives easier by automating rote tasks and providing an additional layer of intelligence throughout the development cycle.

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In summary, gameplanner ai is bringing the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize game planning and production. Its AI automation can help developers big and small turn ideas into reality faster, cheaper and with less risk. With its generous suite of features, compelling benefits, broad applicability and vision for the future of AI in gaming, gameplanner ai has enormous potential to change how great games get made. Any developer working on their next game would be remiss not to give it a close look.

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