Gemini Vertex AI


Google recently unveiled Gemini Vertex AI, its latest large language model (LLM) that aims to significantly advance AI capabilities across Google’s products and services.

Gemini Vertex AI comes in three sizes – Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Nano – each targeting different use cases.

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Powerful Gemini Pro Available on Vertex AI

The most capable version, Gemini Pro, will be made available on Vertex AI, Google’s fully managed AI platform, starting December 13, 2023.

This will provide developers and enterprise customers access to Gemini‘s advanced generative abilities via Vertex AI and Generative AI Studio.

Gemini Pro has been fine-tuned on dialogue to allow more natural conversations. It can summarize complex concepts, translate text, write creatively, and more.

Integrating such a powerful LLM into Vertex AI will enable new opportunities for businesses seeking to leverage AI.

Pricing details remain undisclosed for now. However, access will require usage-based pricing, meaning the more queries sent to Gemini, the higher the costs. Those needing heavy LLM workloads will likely see significant bills.

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Gemini Nano Debuts on Pixel Phones

For consumer applications, Google developed Gemini Nano – a special lightweight version of Gemini for on-device execution. Gemini Nano will first become available on Google’s Pixel 8 Pro phone.

The AI Core app on Android 14 provides access to Gemini Nano’s basic capabilities like conversational responses and content generation.

This allows Pixel users to benefit from key aspects of Google LLM without needing cloud connectivity.

Over time, Gemini Nano is expected to come to more Android devices as an on-device AI assistant accessible via apps.

Gemini Ultra Powering New Bard Chatbot

The full power of Google’s LLM efforts manifests in Gemini Ultra – the most advanced AI model created by Google.

This will serve as the foundation for Bard, Google’s conversational AI chatbot set to compete with ChatGPT.

A new version called Bard Advanced launching early 2023 will showcase Gemini Ultra’s prowess. Bard Advanced promises more accuracy, relevance, and most importantly – truthfulness in its responses.

Extensive testing has been done using AI safety techniques to ensure Gemini Ultra mitigates potential harms.

The pricing and availability details for directly accessing Gemini AI Ultra are still unclear. But its capabilities will ultimately trickle down to Google products like Search, Gmail, Docs, Chrome, and more over time.

So while general consumers may not directly use the full Gemini Vertex AI, its presence will be felt in elevated Google services backed by these groundbreaking LLMs.

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