How Can I Buy Rabbit R1 AI

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What Is Rabbit R1 AI?

The Rabbit R1 AI is an AI-powered device created by technology startup Rabbit Inc. that aims to serve as an intuitive and useful personal assistant. Officially unveiled at CES 2023, the little gadget features a minimalist design with a glowing light, a small screen, and tactile controls.

Under the hood, the Rabbit R1 AI packs decent smartphone-level specs like a MediaTek Helio P35 processor and full-day battery life. It runs the custom Rabbit OS software designed specifically for the device. The OS handles all the AI processing locally on the device for speed and privacy.

At its core, the Rabbit R1 AI strives to simplify and improve the experience of using apps through a conversational interface. Instead of needing to open and navigate through apps, users can just press the “Push-to-Talk” button and make requests conversationally.

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Where Can I Buy Rabbit R1 Ai

The Rabbit R1 is currently available for pre-order exclusively through the Rabbit AI website for $199. The initial launch batch quickly sold out, but new pre-orders are expected to ship starting in March 2024.

Given the hype around the R1, Rabbit Inc. is limiting pre-orders to just one per customer. The company says this is to ensure stock for as many customers as possible at launch.

Once it ships, the Rabbit R1 will only be available directly through Rabbit’s online store. There is no word yet on potential expansions to retail partners in the future.

Rabbit R1 AI Login

To start using the R1, owners must login through the Rabbit Hole web portal. This links the device to your Rabbit account and syncs preferences.

  1. Set up your Rabbit R1 AI device and connect it to WiFi.
  2. On your computer or mobile device, go to the Rabbit Hole web portal at
  3. Enter your Rabbit account email and password and click Login.
  4. On the Devices page, click on your R1 to connect it to your account.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to name your R1 and enable location services if desired.
  6. Once connected, you will see your R1 listed as Active under My Devices.
  7. To start using voice commands, press and hold the Push-to-Talk button on your Rabbit R1.
  8. Speak your request such as “Play music” or “Call an Uber.”
  9. The R1’s lights will flash to indicate it is processing your request.
  10. Enjoy hands-free use of apps and services through your new Rabbit R1 AI assistant!


What can the Rabbit R1 do?

The Rabbit R1 is designed to be a voice-controlled personal assistant. It can do things like play music, call an Uber, order food, control smart home devices, and more through voice commands.

Is the Rabbit R1 worth it?

For $199, the R1 offers hands-free convenience and integration with many popular apps and services. If you want an AI assistant with conversational capabilities beyond current smart speakers, the innovations Rabbit is pursuing could make it worthwhile.

What makes the R1 different from other assistants?

The R1 features an adaptive AI called LAM that aims to replicate app interactions locally on the device without needing an extra API. This allows more seamless voice control of third-party apps compared to current assistants.

Does the Rabbit R1 respect privacy?

Rabbit emphasizes privacy protection in its design. User data is encrypted, not monetized, and processed locally on the device when possible. You can also easily mute the microphones.


The newly announced Rabbit R1 offers an intriguing vision for the future of AI assistants. With its focus on conversational interfaces, adaptive AI, and seamless app integration, the R1 could become a useful hands-free hub for daily tasks and services.

Rabbit’s commitment to privacy and security also helps differentiate it in the space. The $199 price tag is not cheap, but early adopters interested in the cutting edge of AI may find the R1 worth investing in. As Rabbit gathers more feedback and data from initial users, it could have significant potential to shape our experience of artificial intelligence in the home.

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