How to Use Cheater Buster AI to Catch Infidelity on Tinder

Cheater Buster is an artificial intelligence powered platform that allows suspicious partners to uncover whether their significant other is secretly active on the dating app Tinder. With over 50 million users worldwide, Tinder has become a popular way for those in relationships to cheat and pursue affairs discretely. Cheater Buster harnesses AI to search Tinder profiles and bust cheating partners.


Cheater Buster was created in 2016 with the goal of leveraging AI to catch cheating spouses and partners red-handed on Tinder. It scours Tinder profiles based on information provided by the user and matches photos to uncover matching profiles. This allows suspicious partners to finally get closure and proof if their spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend is actively using Tinder behind their backs.

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Cheater Buster uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition algorithms to deliver results with over 99% accuracy. The service has gained mainstream popularity, being featured in Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Vice and more.

When to Use Cheater Buster

Cheater Buster can be helpful in the following situations:

  • If your partner’s behavior has changed and you suspect infidelity
  • You caught your partner lying about their whereabouts
  • Your partner guards their phone and is overly protective about privacy
  • You find your partner taking secretive calls or texting discreetly
  • Your partner’s intimacy and affection towards you has reduced
  • Friends or others have reported seeing your partner’s profile on Tinder

While not definitive proof, these signs may indicate your partner is cheating and using Tinder behind your back.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use Cheater Buster AI

Follow these simple steps to catch someone cheating on Tinder using Cheater Buster:

1. Visit the Cheater Buster Website

Go to Click on “Get Started” and create an account.

2. Provide the Cheating Partner’s Information

Enter their first and last name, gender, and the city/state location where they most likely have a Tinder profile.

3. Upload Photos of Your Partner

Upload a minimum of 3-5 clear photos of your partner. Multiple photos result in more accurate facial recognition.

4. Enter Payment Information

Cheater Buster offers various subscription plans. Enter your payment details to activate your account.

5. Initiate the Tinder Profile Search

Once your payment is processed, Cheater Buster will start searching Tinder for matching profiles using the details provided.

6. View Detailed Results

Within 24-48 hours you will receive an email with detailed results showing any matching Tinder profiles, photos, and activity found for your partner.

If Cheater Buster finds your partner’s profile actively present on Tinder, it’s quite likely they are cheating on you or at the very least, entertaining other prospects.

In case of false positives, you may consider giving your partner the benefit of doubt, but remain observant. We recommend having an open conversation before making assumptions.

Limitations of Cheater Buster AI

While Cheater Buster is over 99% accurate, here are some limitations:

  • It cannot guarantee catching every instance of cheating
  • Your partner may use another dating app like Bumble instead of Tinder
  • They may use obscure photos that can’t be recognized by AI
  • Some profiles may be inactive or inactive when checked

So while helpful, Cheater Buster should not be the only basis for accusing your partner of cheating.


Cheater Buster leverages powerful AI technology to bust cheating partners on Tinder. By following the steps outlined and providing key details about your suspicious partner, Cheater Buster can uncover the truth about potential infidelity. However, its results should be considered along with other observations before confronting your partner. Use Cheater Buster judiciously as part of a broader evaluation.

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