How to Use D-ID AI Free: Create Immersive Talking Avatars with Ease


In the world of Artificial Intelligence, D-ID stands out as a pioneer in offering an innovative web app called chat.D-ID. This cutting-edge platform uses real-time face animation and advanced text-to-speech technology to create an immersive and human-like conversational AI experience. With D-ID’s Creative Reality™ Studio, users can easily create talking avatars using the latest generative AI tools, making it a game-changer in the AI industry. In this article, we will explore how to use D-ID AI for free and follow the step-by-step process to create mesmerizing talking avatars.

How to Use D-ID AI to Create Talking Avatars

Step 1: Visit the D-ID Website or Access the Creative Reality™ Studio

To begin your journey in creating talking avatars with D-ID AI, the first step is to visit the D-ID website or access the Creative Reality™ Studio. The chat.D-ID web app allows you to create talking avatars with real-time face animation and advanced text-to-speech technology. Alternatively, the Creative Reality™ Studio provides a robust set of generative AI tools to produce stunning videos featuring lifelike talking avatars.

Step 2: Upload a Photo or Video

Once you are on the D-ID platform, you can upload a photo or video of the person you want to transform into a talking avatar. D-ID’s advanced deep-learning face animation technology will meticulously analyze the image or video and generate a realistic talking avatar based on the input.

Step 3: Customize the Avatar

After the talking avatar is generated, you have the creative freedom to customize its appearance and voice. D-ID offers a plethora of options, including various hairstyles, facial expressions, and the ability to modify the voice to match the desired tone and style.

Step 4: Add Text or Speech

To bring the avatar to life, you can input the text or speech that you want the avatar to say. D-ID’s advanced text-to-speech technology will transform the written content into natural-sounding speech for the avatar, enhancing the immersive experience.

Step 5: Generate the Talking Avatar Video

With the customization process complete, you can now generate the talking avatar video. D-ID’s state-of-the-art AI technology combines the face animation, text-to-speech, and any other modifications you made to create a captivating video featuring the talking avatar.

Step 6: Download or Share the Video

After the video is generated, you have the option to download it to your device or share it directly from the D-ID platform. The possibilities are endless, from using the video for presentations and social media content to pure entertainment.

FAQs about Using D-ID AI for Free

FAQ 1: Is D-ID AI completely free to use?

Yes, D-ID offers a free web app and API to create talking avatars. However, some advanced features and functionalities may be limited or require a subscription for full access.

FAQ 2: Can I integrate D-ID’s API into my own applications?

Absolutely! D-ID’s API is designed to be robust, massively scalable, and super simple to use. With just four lines of code, you can seamlessly integrate it into your applications.

FAQ 3: Can D-ID’s API support streaming generation of talking head videos?

Yes, D-ID’s API now supports streaming generation of talking head videos from an image and audio file, allowing for a more dynamic and interactive experience.

FAQ 4: Can I use D-ID AI for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use the videos created with D-ID AI for various purposes, including commercial use. However, it’s essential to review D-ID’s usage policy and licensing agreements.

FAQ 5: Does D-ID provide tutorials on using their AI to create talking avatars?

Absolutely! To ensure a smooth experience, D-ID provides tutorials on platforms like YouTube and their website to guide users in using D-ID AI effectively.

FAQ 6: Is D-ID AI suitable for non-technical users?

Yes, D-ID AI is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical users. The platform’s intuitive interface allows anyone to create impressive talking avatars effortlessly.


D-ID AI offers an incredible opportunity for users to delve into the world of AI and create captivating talking avatars. The combination of real-time face animation and advanced text-to-speech technology makes the experience truly immersive and human-like. Whether for personal or commercial use, D-ID AI empowers users to express their creativity and bring their ideas to life through talking avatars. So, why wait? Explore D-ID’s web app or Creative Reality™ Studio today and embark on an exciting journey of AI-powered creativity.

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