How To Use FigJam AI: A Comprehensive Guide

FigJam AI is a revolutionary suite of generative AI tools for FigJam, the popular collaborative whiteboard service created by Figma. With FigJam AI, users can visualize ideas, automate repetitive tasks, and even code up designs right within FigJam. This transformative technology helps teams work smarter, ideate faster, and bring their visions to life.

Introduction to FigJam AI

FigJam AI integrates seamlessly into FigJam, allowing users to access powerful AI capabilities that enhance productivity and collaboration. The AI features leverage large language models like GPT-3 to help users bring their projects to the next level.

Some of the key capabilities offered by FigJam AI include:


FigJam AI can instantly generate ready-to-use templates for common design and planning projects. This reduces the tedious manual work needed to create whiteboards, diagrams, presentations, and other assets from scratch.


Users can visualize ideas and plans by sorting content into categories. FigJam AI automatically generates visual timelines, flowcharts, org charts, and more based on your content.


Don’t have time to comb through all the notes and ideas scattered across your FigJam? FigJam AI can automatically summarize key takeaways, conclusions, and action items into an executive summary.


Jambot acts as your personal AI sidekick within FigJam. It can brainstorm ideas on demand, suggest relevant content, or even write code to bring your prototypes to life.

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Benefits of Using FigJam AI

FigJam AI transforms FigJam from a simple whiteboard into a powerful ideation and collaboration platform. Here are some of the key benefits users can realize:

1. Faster Preparation Time

Creating templates, diagrams, and planning documents from scratch is time-consuming and repetitive. With FigJam AI, users can generate these assets instantly by describing them in natural language prompts. This results in significantly faster preparation time before meetings and brainstorms.

2. Improved Organization

FigJam AI makes it simple to visually organize ideas, notes, and content using timelines, flowcharts, graphs, and more. This ability to structure information helps teams better understand connections and relationships within their projects.

3. Automated Tedious Tasks

Summarization, categorization, and other features automate many of the tedious administrative tasks associated with collaboration and ideation. This saves users time while also reducing the chance of human error.

4. Enhanced Creativity

By handling rote tasks and providing an abundant source of fresh ideas and suggestions, FigJam AI allows users to focus their energy on higher-value creative work. This promotes greater experimentation, innovation, and outside-the-box thinking.

5. More Effective Meetings

FigJam AI can be used to generate agendas, summaries, and preparatory materials for meetings and workshops. As a result, teams stay focused on big picture strategy instead of logistics during precious collaboration time.

6. Democratized Innovation

Since anyone can access FigJam AI capabilities for free within FigJam, it helps democratize access to advanced AI. This empowers teams and individuals to innovate faster.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Using FigJam AI

Ready to start using FigJam AI to supercharge your team’s ideation and collaboration? Here is a step-by-step guide to get started:

1. Open a FigJam File

Open up a new or existing FigJam file where you want to apply AI capabilities. Make sure you have access to FigJam AI features.

2. Click the Top Toolbar

Select “FigJam AI” from the top toolbar. This will open up the AI panel on the right hand side.

3. Enter a Prompt

Type a natural language prompt describing what you want FigJam AI to generate. For example, “Create a timeline showing milestones for our product launch.”

4. Hit Generate

Once you enter your prompt, click the “Generate” button. FigJam AI will instantly produce a relevant visual based on your prompt.

5. Iterate and Adjust

Review the AI’s output. Tweak your original prompt and regenerate to iteratively improve the result.

AI-Generated Templates

One of the most powerful FigJam AI features is its ability to instantly generate templates for common planning and ideation activities.

To generate a template:

  • Click “Let’s make a…”
  • Select a suggested template category like “Team retrospectives”
  • Or enter your own prompt like “Generate a template for a product roadmap brainstorm session”

FigJam AI will produce a visually dynamic template you can populate with your own content. It can generate boards for meetings, workshops, team exercises, and more.

Visualizing Ideas with AI

With FigJam AI, you can instantly transform scattered ideas and content into beautiful visual artifacts like timelines, flowcharts, graphs, and diagrams.

Simply select or create a set of stickies within your FigJam. Then enter a prompt like:

“Visualize these ideas as a timeline showing the progression of our product development.”

FigJam will intelligently organize your content into the requested visual format, saving you hours of manual work.

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Supercharge Your Work with FigJam AI

FigJam AI places the power of AI directly into the hands of teams so they can visualize concepts, automate workflows, and bring ideas to reality faster. The technology is currently available for free to all FigJam users.

With FigJam AI, anyone can leverage large language models without coding to improve ideation, planning, and team collaboration. If you haven’t given it a try, dive in today to see how FigJam AI can supercharge your team’s efforts. The possibilities are endless when human creativity and imagination are augmented by AI capabilities.

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