How To Use HealWELL AI & An Overview of HealWELL AI


Preventative healthcare has become increasingly important as we look for ways to lower healthcare costs and improve health outcomes. One company at the forefront of using AI and data science for preventative care is HealWELL AI. HealWELL AI is a healthcare technology company with a mission to improve healthcare and save lives through early identification and detection of disease.

About HealWELL AI

HealWELL AI is a physician-led organization with a proven management team of experienced healthcare executives. The company is executing a strategy focused on developing and acquiring technology and clinical capabilities that support its preventative care mission. Some key facts about HealWELL AI:

  • Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada
  • Raised $18 million in financing, including $10 million from WELL Health
  • Formed a strategic alliance with WELL Health focused on AI for preventative care
  • Publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange
Year Founded2020
HeadquartersToronto, Canada
Key LeadersPhysician-led team
Funding$18 million raised
Key PartnersWELL Health Technologies
Core FocusAI for preventative care
Key TechnologyProprietary AI models
Key BenefitsEarlier diagnosis, reduced costs, data-driven prevention

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HealWELL AI Technology

At the core of HealWELL AI is its proprietary AI technology optimized for preventative care applications. The company’s AI models can identify gaps in care, advance current clinical standards, build disease-specific screening algorithms, and predict disease likelihood.

Key capabilities of HealWELL’s AI include:

  • AI-enabled clinical decision support for providers
  • Personalized disease risk assessment
  • Data-driven screening and prevention protocols
  • Continuous learning and model improvement

HealWELL’s flexible and adaptable AI models are designed to work with structured and unstructured healthcare data to uncover personalized insights for preventative care.

WELL Health Partnership

In 2022, HealWELL AI formed a strategic alliance with WELL Health Technologies Corp. As part of this partnership, WELL Health launched a new service called “WELL AI Decision Support” powered by HealWELL’s AI models.

This service gives WELL Health providers access to HealWELL’s AI-enabled detection capabilities for more than 110 complex or rare diseases. The partnership represents a significant distribution channel for HealWELL to bring its AI technology to more healthcare providers.

Both companies see this as just the beginning of collaborations to combine their expertise in AI, data science, and clinical care.

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How to Use HealWELL AI

Healthcare providers can follow these steps to leverage HealWELL AI for preventative care:

1. Sign Up for WELL AI Decision Support

Providers can sign up to access HealWELL’s AI capabilities through the WELL AI Decision Support service. This cloud-based SaaS solution is designed for easy integration into clinical workflows.

2. Input Patient Data

Clinicians can input patient data including demographics, family history, lab tests, and clinical notes. HealWELL’s models can work with both structured and unstructured data.

3. Review AI Insights

The system analyzes the patient data and provides personalized risk assessments, early diagnostic suggestions, and recommended care pathways.

4. Take Preventative Actions

Clinicians can leverage the AI insights to take targeted preventative measures such as ordering additional testing, prescribing lifestyle changes, or initiating early treatment.

5. Monitor Patient Over Time

The AI models learn continuously as new patient data is added over time. Providers can monitor patients longitudinally to determine if preventative actions are working.

Benefits of HealWELL AI

HealWELL AI’s AI-enabled preventative care solutions offer numerous potential benefits:

  • Earlier disease diagnosis leading to improved outcomes
  • Reduced healthcare costs through proactive prevention
  • Data-driven, personalized screening and prevention
  • Consistent and expanded access to advanced AI capabilities
  • Continuous improvement of models over time

By leveraging AI and data science, HealWELL AI aims to proactively close gaps in care and expand access to potentially life-saving preventative health services.


HealWELL AI represents an innovative approach to driving preventative healthcare through AI and data science. Its strategic partnership with WELL Health demonstrates the value of its AI technology and the growing demand for AI-enabled preventative care. With its physician-led team, proven technology, and expanding distribution channels, HealWELL AI is poised to make a measurable impact on improving preventative health outcomes. The company’s mission aligns closely with the larger healthcare shift towards AI-enabled predictive, preventative, and personalized medicine.

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