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What Is HitPaw Photo AI?

HitPaw offers several AI-powered photo editing tools, including HitPaw Photo Enhancer and HitPaw Photo AI. The HitPaw Photo Enhancer is a professional-level photo enhancement tool that can automatically enhance, restore, unblur, enlarge, and upscale photos using AI technology.

On the other hand, HitPaw Photo AI is an all-in-one solution for photo generation, image enhancement, object and background removal, and noise removal, making it a versatile and advanced photo editing software.

These tools are available for Windows, MacOS, and online use, and they are designed to provide easy-to-use, automatic, and high-quality photo editing features.

Additionally, HitPaw also offers an AI Art Generator for creating AI-generated art and dreams.

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How Does HitPaw Photo AI Works

The workflow of using HitPaw Photo AI is simple:

  1. Import Photo – The first step is to import the photo you want to edit into the software. HitPaw Photo AI supports all major photo formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, etc.
  2. Select AI Model – Based on the type of edit you want to do, choose the appropriate AI model. For example, select the portrait model for enhancing faces or the art model for creating artworks.
  3. Adjust Settings – Each AI model has customization settings to control the enhancement level. You can tweak these sliders to achieve the desired effect.
  4. Generate Enhanced Photo – Finally, HitPaw Photo AI processes the photo through the selected AI model to automatically improve image quality.
  5. Export Photo – Export the enhanced photo to your device in any standard image format.

The AI models do the heavy lifting when it comes to complex edits. The user simply has to perform basic steps like importing, choosing the model, adjusting settings, and exporting. This easy workflow makes HitPaw Photo AI extremely user-friendly.

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HitPaw Photo AI App

Here are the steps to enhance photos using the HitPaw Photo AI app on your Android or iOS device:

  1. Install the App – Download and install the HitPaw Photo AI app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Allow Permissions – On first launch, allow the app to access your device’s photos and files.
  3. Import Photo – Tap the “Import” button and select a photo from your phone’s gallery to enhance.
  4. Choose AI Model – Pick the appropriate AI model for the enhancement you need like Portrait, Landscape, Low Light etc.
  5. Adjust Settings – Use the sliders and options to control the intensity of the enhancement effect.
  6. Generate Photo – Tap “Generate” and the app will process the photo using the chosen AI model.
  7. Save Enhanced Photo – Preview the enhanced photo, then tap “Save” to save it to your device gallery.
  8. Share Photo – Directly share your enhanced photos to social media from within the app.

The easy-to-use mobile interface makes enhancing photos on your phone just as seamless as on your desktop!

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How to Use HitPaw Photo AI

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough on using HitPaw Photo AI to enhance photos on your Windows or Mac computer:

  1. Download and Install – Go to and download the HitPaw Photo AI software. Once downloaded, install and launch the program.
  2. Import Photo – Click on “Import” or simply drag and drop a photo you want to enhance into the interface. HitPaw supports JPG, PNG, TIFF, RAW and other common formats.
  3. Select AI Model – Based on the type of enhancement required, select the appropriate AI model from the options like Portrait Enhancement, Low Light Correction, Background Removal etc.
  4. Customize Settings – Each model has sliders and settings to fine-tune the effect as per your preferences. Adjust these parameters to control the intensity.
  5. Generate Enhanced Photo – Click on “Generate” and HitPaw will process the photo through the chosen AI algorithm to improve image quality.
  6. Export Photo – Finally, export the enhanced photo to your computer by clicking “Export”. Choose the output format like JPG, PNG, TIFF etc.

Following these simple steps allows you to leverage the power of AI to automatically enhance all your photos with HitPaw Photo AI.

HitPaw Photo AI Review

HitPaw Photo AI is an AI-powered photo enhancement software that makes it easy for anyone to improve their photos with just a few clicks. Here is an in-depth review:

Ease of Use

The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Uploading photos, choosing models, adjusting settings and exporting enhanced photos can be done seamlessly. The workflow is designed for simplicity.

AI Models and Quality of Enhancements

The AI models provide impressive enhancements tailored to different photo types. The portrait model enhances facial details nicely. The landscape model sharpens scenery accurately. Enhanced photos look realistic.

Customization and Control

Each AI model has custom sliders and settings to fine-tune the enhancements as per individual preferences. This gives users good control over the editing process.


Thanks to the AI tech, photo enhancements are completed swiftly. Even large batches of photos can be enhanced rapidly.

Platform Availability

HitPaw Photo AI is conveniently available on both Windows and Mac desktops. There are also iOS and Android mobile apps.


Very affordable pricing plans are offered for the features provided. Excellent value for money.

Ease of Exporting

Enhanced photos can be exported in various standard formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF etc.

Overall, HitPaw Photo AI delivers excellent automated photo enhancements through AI. The software is easy to use, customizizable, fast and offers great value. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to improve their photos.


What is HitPaw Photo AI?

HitPaw Photo AI is an AI-powered photo editor for automatic enhancement and editing.

What are its key features?

Key features include AI photo enhancement, object/background removal, upscaling, denoising, colorization, face refinement, and batch processing.

What file formats does it support?

It supports JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP and other common formats.

Does it have a free trial?

Yes, HitPaw Photo AI offers a free trial so you can test it out.

Is it available for mobile?

Currently it is desktop software only, with no mobile version.


HitPaw Photo AI provides versatile, AI-powered photo editing tools for easy enhancement and corrections. It enables automatic one-click fixes as well as manual customization. The array of features and intuitive interface make HitPaw Photo AI suitable for beginners and professionals on Windows and Mac. It’s a great choice for AI-enhanced photo editing.

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