How to Use LoopCV AI

LoopCV is an AI-powered job search automation platform that aims to simplify and speed up the job hunting process.

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What Is LoopCV AI?

LoopCV is an AI-powered job search automation platform that aims to simplify and expedite the job hunting process. It offers features such as auto-applying to jobs, auto-emailing recruiters, and measuring and improving the job search process.

How Does LoopCV AI Work?

The platform collects new job postings daily, matches them to the user’s profile, and applies to the matched jobs on the user’s behalf.

It also provides statistics on the job search progress, such as the number of companies that opened the user’s emails and the number of replies received.

Key Features of LoopCV:

  • Auto job application
  • Auto emailing recruiters
  • Progress tracking and analytics

Benefits of Using LoopCV AI

LoopCV is designed to help job seekers get up to 3 times more interviews and offers various subscription types.

Main Advantages:

  • Saves time by automating tedious tasks
  • Increases efficiency by applying to more relevant jobs
  • Boosts success rate through customized outreach

LoopCV leverages AI to simplify and improve the job search process. By automatically applying and emailing on the user’s behalf, LoopCV reduces effort while increasing relevant applications, ultimately leading to more interviews and job offers. Its use of analytics also provides helpful insights to further enhance the job search strategy.

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Is LoopCV Free

LoopCV is an AI-powered job search automation platform that offers various features to help job seekers find jobs more efficiently. It has three subscription types:

1. Basic Looper: This is a free version that allows users to perform up to 1 job title search per month

2. Standard Looper: Priced at $9.99 per month, this subscription allows users to perform up to 20 job title searches in parallel per month

3. Premium Looper: This subscription offers additional features and is priced accordingly

While LoopCV offers a free version, it is limited in terms of job searches per month. Users can upgrade to a paid subscription to access more advanced features and increase the number of job searches they can perform

How to Use LoopCV AI

1. Sign Up: Create an account on the LoopCV AI website.

2. Upload Your CV: Easily upload your CV on the platform.

3. Select Job Preferences: Choose the type of job you are looking for.

4. Choose a Subscription: Select a subscription type based on your needs. LoopCV offers a free version with limited features and paid subscriptions with additional benefits

5. Start the Process: Once set up, LoopCV will help you mass apply for jobs on your behalf every day, increasing your chances of getting interviews

6. Track Your Progress: Use the platform to track your job search progress, including the number of applications, companies that opened your emails, and other important metrics

LoopCV automates the job application process, saving time and increasing the efficiency of your job search.

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LoopCV is an AI-powered job search automation platform that aims to simplify and speed up the job hunting process. It offers various features like auto-applying to matched jobs, emailing recruiters, and tracking progress.

While a basic free version is available, paid subscriptions unlock more advanced capabilities. By following the key steps to set up an account, upload a CV, select preferences, choose a plan, and track progress, LoopCV can significantly automate and improve your job search.

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