How to Use Lumen5 to Create Videos with AI

Videos have emerged as a powerful content type, crucial for successful engagement and content marketing. Among the many tools available for video creation, Lumen5 has proven to be a unique and compelling platform.

It leverages artificial intelligence to facilitate the creation of high-quality videos efficiently and effectively, regardless of the users’ skill level.

Let’s find out what is Lumen5 and how to use it.

What Exactly is Lumen5?

Lumen5 is a cloud-based video creation platform designed to revolutionize how users create and share video content. Without needing software installations or downloads, Lumen5 can be easily accessed from any internet-connected device and provides maximum convenience and accessibility for video content creation – from setting up storyboards to adding visuals.

Lumen5 stands out with its strong emphasis on collaboration. Specifically designed to support real-time interaction among team members, Lumen5 allows teams to work seamlessly together on projects. Furthermore, Lumen5 features an in-built blog offering tips and advice about video creation and content marketing as learning resources for users.

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How to Use Lumen5?

Using Lumen5 for creating videos is not a big deal. Here’s how to use it:

Step #1: Set Up Your Lumen5 Account

Begin your journey by registering for an account on Lumen5’s official website: This simple step is the gateway to a world of video creation possibilities.

lumen5 account login

Step #2: Explore the Lumen5 Dashboard

Upon logging in, you’ll find yourself on the Lumen5 dashboard. This is your command center, where you’ll begin each new video project.

Step #3: Initiate Your Video Project

Start by clicking on the “New Video” button situated on the dashboard. This will set the ball rolling for your first Lumen5 video creation.

Step #4: Opt for a Template

Lumen5 offers a plethora of pre-designed templates for you to choose from. Pick a template that aligns with your video’s purpose and audience.

Step #5: Let Lumen5’s AI Work its Magic

Now, it’s time to introduce your content. Enter a URL or script for your video. Lumen5’s advanced AI will swing into action, analyzing your input and automatically generating a storyboard.

Step #6: Review Your Initial Draft

Once the AI completes its analysis, it will present an initial draft of your video. Consider this your base from which to customize and polish.

Step #7: Customize Your Storyboard

Dive into the editing process. Feel free to reposition elements, such as images, videos, sound clips, or text boxes, within your project area until you’re satisfied with the arrangement.

Step #8: Style Your Video to Match Your Brand

Next, apply Lumen5’s plethora of styling options. Choose from a variety of fonts, color schemes, and stock footage options to ensure your video resonates with your brand’s aesthetic.

Step #9: Voiceovers

Add a touch of personalization to your video by using Lumen5’s text-to-speech feature. This tool offers a variety of natural-sounding voices, saving you the hassle of recording a voiceover yourself.

Step #10: Add Closed Captions

To enhance accessibility and viewer experience, Lumen5 allows you to include automatic closed captions with a single click.

Step #11: Finalize and Share Your Creation

Once you’re happy with the final look and feel of your video, it’s time to export and share it with the world. Post it on social media platforms or integrate it into your website, depending on your strategy.

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How Does Artificial Intelligence Play a Part in Lumen5?

At the heart of Lumen5 is a sophisticated AI engine that drives several key functions. Firstly, it employs text-to-video technology. Here, the AI studies the text input by the user, transforming it into a compelling storyboard within seconds.

The AI also acts as an intelligent text analyzer. It selects the most fitting background and content for each slide, reducing the time users spend on manual selection. The AI’s involvement extends to the media library, suggesting relevant images and videos from its massive collection.

Lumen5’s AI greatly streamlines video creation with automated workflow features and machine learning and natural language processing techniques to distinguish and stand out videos. One notable feature of its AI is video cutter – producing high-quality videos without needing manual editing!

What Can You Find in Lumen5’s Media Library?

Lumen5 offers an expansive media library containing over 15 million images and videos, as well as over 1 million template library videos and images, all royalty-free to give users peace of mind regarding copyright issues.

Media Library is conveniently integrated into our platform, allowing users to search for specific media using keywords. Furthermore, users have the option of uploading their images and videos for further personalization and control over the content displayed.

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What Customization Options Does Lumen5 Offer?

Lumen5 offers various customization options in addition to its AI features and extensive media library, such as font and color adjustments for premium users, stock footage options and the option for font and color schemes to match up videos with brand aesthetic. It also offers a text-to-speech feature as well as allows creating avatars and transcriptions.

How Much Does Lumen5 Cost?

Lumen5 has structured its pricing to cater to various user needs and budgets. It offers a free Community plan, ideal for those just starting out or experimenting with video creation. However, it has limited features, and users seeking advanced capabilities may need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Beyond the free tier, Lumen5 offers the Basic, Starter, Professional, and Business plans. Each tier provides more advanced features and greater access to resources like Shutterstock’s media marketplace. With this pricing structure, Lumen5 ensures that users have access to video creation tools that match their needs and financial capabilities.

Lumen5 stands out as a comprehensive, AI-powered video creation platform that caters to users of all skill levels. Its rich media library, extensive customization options, and flexible pricing make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to step up their video content game.

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