How to Use Magnific AI

Sofía Cotillard

We live in a visual world today. Engaging images and videos dominate social media feeds, marketing campaigns, and even our personal photos and memories. But often, we are limited by low-resolution images that lack vivid details and clarity. This is where Magnific AI comes in – the most advanced AI-powered photo enhancement tool available today. In this article, we are going to show you how to use Magnific AI.


Magnific AI utilizes cutting-edge deep learning to transform your images with stunning upgrades in quality, resolution and realism. Developed by AI experts Javi Lopez and Emilio Nicolas, Magnific provides creators, businesses and everyday users with a simple yet powerful way to give their visual content the quality it deserves.

In this detailed guide, we will explore what makes Magnific AI stand out from other image upscalers, its exceptional features, use cases across industries, and tips to use it effectively. Let’s get started.

Key Features – Taking Image Enhancement to the Next Level

Four Enhancement Modes for Diverse Needs

Magnific AI offers not one, but four modes to meet different image enhancement needs:

  • Upscale Mode – Increase resolution up to 4x larger while preserving clean edges and textures. Perfect for printing photos in large formats.
  • Enhance Mode – Add photorealistic details and vibrancy using AI to mimic decisions of human artists and photographers. Breathe new life into mundane images.
  • DeNoise Mode – Eliminate unwanted noise, compression artifacts and graininess for crystal clear images. Essential for restoring old photos.
  • DeJPEG Mode – Reconstruct lost details in overly compressed JPG images for stunning visual clarity.

Total Creative Control

Magnific provides granular control over how the AI enhances your images through sliders like “Creativity” and “HDR”. Adjust them to guide the AI in adding the right amount of vibrancy, sharpness, noise reduction and other parameters based on your creative vision.

AI That Understands Aesthetics

At its core, Magnific AI uses novel deep learning models created by AI experts to add realistic details and textures to images. The AI has been trained on millions of images to understand photographic aesthetics at a core level. This allows it to make enhancements and upscaling decisions with the vision intelligence of a human expert.

Intuitive Interface and Workflow

The Magnific interface provides an easy 5-step guided workflow – Upload → Select Mode → Adjust Settings → Upscale → Download. Interactive tutorials make the process seamless for beginners and amateurs. The visual nature of the sliders gives creators better control over directing the AI, unlike text-based prompts in other tools.

How to Use Magnific AI in 3 Easy Steps

The team at Magnific AI has simplified the enhancement process into an easy 3-step workflow:

Step 1: Upload Your Image

Go to the Magnific AI web app and click the upload button. You can upload JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and other major image formats. Upload images you wish to upscale, enhance clarity for or colorize.

Step 2: Select Enhancement Mode

Choose from Magnific’s 4 modes depending on your goals:

  • Upscale – Increase resolution up to 4x for printing or display
  • Enhance – Add photorealistic richness and vibrancy
  • DeNoise – Remove unwanted noise and compression
  • DeJPEG – Reconstruct lost quality in JPG images

Step 3: Tweak Settings & Export Image

Adjust the “Creativity” and “HDR” sliders until you preview your desired level of enhancement. Then click “Upscale Image”. Download your transformed high-res photo or image!

And that’s it! Magnific AI handles the intricate image transformation process in the background through its AI engine. With the easy sliders and previews, have full control over the enhancements.

Use Cases – A Game Changer for Visual Storytelling


For professional photographers and hobbyists, Magnific AI empowers creating gallery-quality photographic prints. Enhanced images reveal textures and details that turn mundane shots into visual stunners. The AI adds a depth and dynamism that allows photos to pop off the screen or paper.

Graphic Design

Designers can reinvigorate their creative assets like product photos, marketing materials, brand visuals etc. with Magnific’s enhancements. Visually appealing graphics have magnetic power to capture attention and communicate ideas effectively.

Gaming and Digital Art

For game developers, digital artists, and creators working with virtual worlds, Magnific allows scaling artwork to the resolutions needed in games and metaverse environments. The AI adds realistic textures to create richer, more immersive visuals that the next generation demands.

Restoring Personal Memories

We all have old, degraded photos capturing cherished memories that we wish could be restored to their former glory. With Magnific AI, anyone can breathe new life into old family photos and reminisce those happy moments in vivid clarity like never before.

Social Media and Influencers

Visually striking content cuts through the noise on social media. Influencers, content creators and businesses can harness Magnific to add that extra punch and wow-factor to their posts that captures attention and engagement.

How Magnific Stacks Up Against the Competition

More Control than Gigapixel AI

While Gigapixel AI by Topaz Labs can enlarge photos by up to 600%, it lacks the level of control that Magnific provides over the enhancement process. Magnific gives more creative freedom through its unique slider interface.

Better Realism than Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is an online upscaler with limited control. While convenient, it cannot match Magnific in adding photorealistic richness and human-touch enhancements the way Magnific’s AI models can.

More User-Friendly Alternative to ESRGAN

The open-source ESRGAN tool can generate realistic details but requires technical expertise. In contrast, Magnific prioritizes usability with its guided workflows so anyone can achieve stunning results.

Superior Quality than Waifu2x

While Waifu2x performs well for anime/drawn images, Magnific leverages more advanced AI to handle intricacies of real-world photographs better. From portraits to landscapes, Magnific makes images pop while preserving photorealism.

Simple Pricing – Powerful Value for Money

Magnific AI offers annual and monthly subscription options suitable for varying needs. With the annual plan, you get two months free along with the cost advantage. Cancelling is straightforward through their self-serve billing portal integrated with the secure Stripe network. Consider their packages below:

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual PriceFree MonthsBest For
Pro$39$4682 monthsAmateurs and hobbyists
Premium$99$1,1882 monthsProfessionals like photographers and artists
Business$299$3,5882 monthsAdvanced users, advertisers, large design studios

Conclusion – Elevate Your Visual Storytelling with Magnific

In the hypervisual world we inhabit, the quality of our images matters more than ever for standing out from the crowd. Magnific AI empowers creators of all backgrounds with its easy-to-use yet advanced image upscaling that takes visuals to the next level.

With four modes catered to diverse enhancement needs and unprecedented control over the AI’s restored details, even amateur creators can achieve stunning photorealism. If you are eager to push your photography, artwork, designs or any visual content to new heights, Magnific AI is an indispensable ally.

So stop settling for stock image quality. Use Magnific AI to tell your visual stories with images that make viewers pause in awe. Unlock growth opportunities and new revenue streams in art, photography, design and social media content creation with this transformative AI tool built to realize the full potential of your images. The future of creativity will be driven by tools that empower human imagination rather than replace it. And Magnific gleams as a trailblazing example in that revolution.

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