How To Use Modash AI: Free, Pricing And API

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Modash AI

Modash is an influencer marketing platform that helps brands and agencies discover, manage, and analyze influencers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. It aims to streamline influencer marketing efforts through powerful filters, AI-driven recommendations, and integration with other software.

Key Features

Some of the key capabilities offered by Modash AI include:

  • Influencer Discovery – Find influencers that match campaign goals using filters for followers, engagement, demographics etc.
  • Audience Analysis – Understand an influencer’s audience location, age, gender, and authenticity.
  • Campaign Management – Track campaign performance and optimize based on data insights.
  • Sales Recommendations – Get AI-powered suggestions on the best influencers to engage.
  • Zapier Integration – Connect Modash to other software like CRMs using Zapier.

How to Use Modash AI

Using Modash AI to run influencer campaigns involves:

Signup and Configuration

  • Visit Modash AI website and signup for a free 14-day trial
  • Explore available filters, analytics views and Zapier integrations
  • Configure your account as per branding, users and notifications

Influencer Discovery

  • Use location, followers, engagement and fake followers filter to create an influencer list
  • Analyze audience demographics of each influencer
  • Get AI recommendations on most relevant influencers for campaign
  • Curate a final list and reach out to influencers

Campaign Tracking

  • Send assets, briefs and contracts to influencers from Modash platform
  • Track campaign performance for impressions, reach, clicks via integrated analytics
  • Pay influencers and manage future opportunities all within Modash

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Modash AI Free Trial

Modash offers a 14-day free trial to explore its platform without needing a credit card.

Key aspects of the free trial include:

  • Full access to Modash features and filters
  • Managing up to 10 influencer relationships
  • AI-powered sales recommendations
  • Basic Zapier integrations with no code
  • Standard customer support and onboarding

The free trial allows brands to evaluate if Modash meets their influencer marketing needs before committing to a paid plan. Modash does not automatically charge users after the 14-day trial.

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Modash AI Pricing

Modash offers four pricing plans for teams of different sizes:

  • Essentials – $99/mo billed yearly for startup teams
  • Performance – $249/mo for bigger brands and agencies
  • Advanced – $449/mo for experienced teams doing optimization
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing for diverse needs

Volume discounts are available on annual plans. All plans include a free 14-day trial to test the platform.

Modash API Access

For developers, Modash provides API access to its influencer data. The API has:

  • Instagram, YouTube, TikTok influencer metrics
  • Audience demographics and authenticity scoring
  • Daily updated datasets via REST API calls
  • Extensive documentation and postman collections
  • Dedicated account management and support

Using Modash API

To integrate Modash data, developers can:

  • Obtain API Key – Create API key from Modash developer portal to start using the API
  • Explore Documentation – Refer documentation on available API resources and endpoints to get started
  • Start Building – Use sample code and Postman collections to accelerate development
  • Get Support – Contact Modash API support team for any technical queries

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Modash API Pricing

Modash API access starts at $16,200 per year with an annual contract. API pricing gives access to:

  • Instagram, YouTube, TikTok influencer data endpoints
  • Audience demographic datasets
  • Engagement metrics for posts and videos
  • Daily refreshed datasets with historical data
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime and support

Annual contracts allow for discounted API rates compared to monthly pricing.


Modash combines AI with intuitive workflows to simplify influencer marketing. It enables brands to seamlessly discover and collaborate with creators, track campaign analytics and standardize influencer relationships. The platform provides multiple enterprise features for high-scale usage with dedicated account management and customer success teams.

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