How to Use Narakeet AI

In today’s digital landscape, video content reigns supreme. Captivating videos can spread ideas far and wide, building meaningful connections between creators and their audiences. However, producing quality videos requires substantial time, effort and technical skill. This is where innovative tools like Narakeet come in. Narakeet is an AI-powered text-to-speech video maker that automates the video creation process. With just text input, Narakeet can swiftly generate professional-grade videos with synthesized voiceovers, background music, visuals and more. This article explores Narakeet’s capabilities in depth, providing a guide to get started with this transformative technology. From streamlining production to customizing videos, Narakeet empowers anyone to develop engaging content that resonates.

Narakeet’s Features and Benefits

Narakeet offers a host of features and benefits that make it a versatile tool for content creators:

  • Support for Multiple Languages and Voices Narakeet supports over 70 languages and offers a diverse range of 400 voices, ensuring a global appeal for your content.
  • Automation of Production Steps A standout feature of Narakeet is its ability to automate production steps, encompassing visuals, background music, media synchronization, and voice-over synthesis.
  • Conversion of Video Subtitles into Native Speech Narakeet’s AI solution seamlessly converts video subtitles into audio using text-to-speech artificial intelligence.
  • Time and Effort Savings Users can save substantial time and effort by easily transforming any text into high-quality audio for voiceovers, streamlining the content creation process.
  • APIs and Command-Line Tools for Developers Developers can utilize Narakeet’s APIs and command-line tools to batch-produce audio files, integrate voices into their applications, and create multilingual video versions.
  • Localization of Video Content Narakeet facilitates effortless localization of video content by synchronizing AI voice output to subtitle and closed caption timestamps.

How To Create  a Video with Narakeet: A Step-by-Step Guide

To leverage Narakeet for creating a compelling video with voiceover, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Prepare Your Content Begin by organizing your content, whether it’s from PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, or text scripts. Consider the video’s structure and source material.
  2. Import Your Content Depending on your source material, import your content directly or copy and paste your text script. For visual enhancements, consider adding images, screen recordings, or video clips.
  3. Add Voiceover Narakeet’s text-to-speech tool enables you to convert your text script into an audio file swiftly. Select from a vast array of realistic text-to-speech voices available in numerous languages.
  4. Customize Your Video Enhance your video by adjusting voice pitch, styling subtitles and closed captions, setting fonts, and creating callouts for images and videos.
  5. Export and Share Your Video Once satisfied with your video, export it in various formats suitable for different platforms. Consider including subtitles and closed captions for a comprehensive viewing experience.

Assessing Narakeet’s Text-to-Speech Accuracy

Narakeet’s text-to-speech AI is evaluated based on several key factors contributing to its accuracy:

  • Wide Range of AI Voices in Multiple Languages Narakeet offers an extensive collection of voices in 90 languages, allowing users to choose the most suitable voice for their content.
  • Deep Voice Text-to-Speech Generator The deep voice option in Narakeet creates powerful and persuasive audio for audiobooks, podcasts, and announcements.
  • Voice Pitch Controls Most of Narakeet’s voices support voice pitch controls, enabling users to customize the pitch and achieve the desired effect.
  • Speech Recognition for Dictation Narakeet supports speech recognition in compatible browsers, enabling quick and efficient dictation for audio conversions.


Narakeet revolutionizes video creation by simplifying the process of turning text into engaging narrated videos. With its diverse language support, automation capabilities, and customization options, Narakeet empowers content creators to produce high-quality videos efficiently.


1. Is Narakeet suitable for professional video production?

Yes, Narakeet is an excellent tool for both amateur and professional video production, offering automation features and customization options.

2. Can I use Narakeet’s voices in my own applications?

Absolutely! Developers can leverage Narakeet’s APIs and command-line tools to integrate Narakeet’s voices into their applications.

3. How many languages does Narakeet support?

Narakeet supports more than 70 languages, ensuring a broad linguistic reach for your content.

4. Can I adjust the pitch of the voiceovers in Narakeet?

Yes, Narakeet allows users to customize voice pitch, adding variety and nuance to the audio.

5. What formats can I export my videos in using Narakeet?

Narakeet enables you to export videos in various formats, including full HD for platforms like YouTube and social media-friendly formats for platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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