How To Use Neurodub AI: The Automated Video Translation


Video content is becoming increasingly popular as a medium for sharing ideas, stories, and experiences. However, language barriers can prevent videos from reaching a global audience. Neurodub AI aims to break down these barriers by providing automated video translation and voice-over services.

Neurodub AI is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that can translate videos into over 70 languages and dub them with computer-generated voices. This technology enables content creators and businesses to quickly localize their video content for international audiences.

In this article, we will explore the capabilities of Neurodub AI and how it is transforming video localization and accessibility.

Overview of Neurodub AI

Neurodub AI utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to provide high-quality video translation and voice-over services.

Video Translation

The platform can translate videos into over 70 languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, and more. Users simply have to upload their video file and select the target language. Neurodub’s AI then analyzes the video, extracts the audio, translates the speech into text, and then translates the text into the desired language. The translated text is synthesized into speech using computer-generated voices. Finally, the translated audio is merged back with the original video.

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This end-to-end process allows videos to be translated quickly and cost-effectively without human involvement. The translation quality is quite accurate due to Neurodub’s use of neural machine translation technology.


In addition to translation, Neurodub also provides voice-over services. The AI can synthesize natural sounding human-like voices in different languages. So users can take a video with no narration and add a computer-generated voice-over. The tone, accent, and pronunciation can also be customized.

The voice-over feature enables creating narrated explainer videos, tutorials, advertisements and more in multiple languages. No need to hire voice actors to re-record narrations.

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Language Support

Neurodub supports a wide range of languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean. This broad language coverage allows businesses to localize videos for key global markets.

Use Cases

Neurodub is useful for:

  • Localizing video ads for international campaigns
  • Adding multi-language voiceovers to explainer videos
  • Translating internal training videos for global employees
  • Creating auto-translated versions of online courses or lectures
  • Producing multilingual versions of product demo videos
  • Translating user generated videos for global social media

The platform provides a fast and simple way to make video content accessible to broader audiences.

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Benefits of Neurodub AI

Neurodub AI offers several benefits that make video translation and localization more efficient.

Cost Savings

The automated process reduces the time and labor required for traditional human translation which can be expensive. Neurodub’s AI performs translations at a fraction of the cost.

Faster Turnaround

Videos are translated almost instantly by the AI system. This enables faster delivery of localized videos to keep up with today’s rapid content cycles.


The platform can handle high volumes of video translation. Users are not limited by human translator bandwidth. This scalability enables large scale video localization.

24/7 Availability

Neurodub’s automated system eliminates the need for human involvement. So video translations can be performed on-demand 24/7.

Customizable Voices

The variety of computer-generated voices and accents enables users to customize voiceovers for their target locales.


The multi-language capabilities open up video content to wider audiences, including that more comfortable consuming information in their native language.

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How Neurodub AI Works

Neurodub leverages advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to power its video translation and voice-over capabilities.

Speech Recognition

The first step is converting the audio from video to text via automatic speech recognition. Neurodub’s AI is trained on millions of data samples to accurately transcribe speech.

Machine Translation

The transcribed text is then translated using neural machine translation. This AI system learns from huge datasets to map text from one language to another.


The translated text is synthesized into natural-sounding speech using text-to-speech technology. Neurodub generates human-like voices in 70+ languages and accents.

Audio/Video Merge

Finally, the translated voice-over audio is merged back with the original video. The timing is synced automatically for seamless integration.

This end-to-end pipeline allows for fast, automated video localization at scale.

How To Use Neurodub AI

Neurodub offers different solutions tailored to individual and business needs.

Neurodub App

The consumer mobile app (Android and iOS) is designed for individual users to translate their personal videos. Simply upload a video, select languages, and receive the translated version within minutes.

API Access

Businesses can integrate Neurodub AI video localization capabilities into their workflows by using the API. The REST API enables programmatically translating videos from content management systems, production tools, and more.

Managed Service

For enterprise-grade video translation, Neurodub offers a managed service. This provides businesses an account manager, volume discounts, priority support, custom integrations and more.

Free Trials

Neurodub offers free trials so users can test out the service. The free tier allows translating a limited number of videos per month without charge.

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The Future of Video Localization: Neurodub AI

Neurodub AI represents a transformative shift in how video content can be localized and shared globally. The automation, speed, scalability, and cost savings unlock new possibilities for multimedia accessibility.

As artificial intelligence capabilities continue advancing, the quality and accuracy of machine translation will only improve. This will enable video creators to reach wider audiences spanning language, culture, and geography.

In the future, Neurodub plans to expand language support to 100+ languages and dialects. The company also plans to incorporate embedded subtitles and enhance multimedia translation across images, graphics, and text.

Neurodub paves the way for the next generation of video localization powered by artificial intelligence. The future looks bright for breaking down language barriers through smarter automation.


Neurodub AI provides a revolutionary platform for automated video translation and voice-over. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, it enables fast, cost-effective localization of video content.

Key benefits include saving on translation costs, faster turnaround, scalability, 24/7 availability, and highly customizable computer-generated voices. This empowers both individual users and global enterprises to make their video content accessible to multilingual audiences.

As video continues to thrive as a communications medium, platforms like Neurodub will be critical for allowing ideas and stories to travel across languages. Automated translation is the connective tissue for creating a shared global understanding.

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Comparison of Neurodub Features

Video TranslationTranslates videos into 70+ languages using AI
Voice-OverAdds computer-generated voice-overs in different languages
Speech RecognitionTranscribes video audio into text via speech recognition
Machine TranslationTranslates speech transcription using neural networks
Text-to-SpeechConverts translated text into lifelike voice audio
Multilingual AI AvatarsOption to pick different AI avatars per language
Subtitle SupportCan generate multilingual subtitles
Platform AccessAvailable via App, API, and Managed Service
Free TrialLimited free translations offered to test service

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