How To Use Otter AI Free

Otter ai is an innovative speech-to-text transcription application that can help boost productivity and collaboration. With its artificial intelligence-powered features like real-time transcription, automatic note-taking, and meeting summaries, Otter enables users to get more done in less time.

This guide will cover everything you need to know to get started with for free, make the most of its capabilities, and understand how it differs from the paid plans. Whether you want to improve productivity in meetings, lectures, interviews, or everyday conversations,’s free version can be a game-changer.

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Developed by Anthropic, is designed to provide automated, shareable, and searchable notes from voice conversations using AI. The software is available on web, iOS, and Android platforms, offering flexibility to users.

Here are some of the key features of Otter:

  • Real-time transcription: Otter can transcribe audio in real-time, allowing users to participate in discussions hands-free without worrying about detailed note-taking.
  • Automated note-taking: Otter’s AI generates shareable notes, highlights, and meeting summaries automatically, saving time.
  • Audio recording: Users can record meetings, interviews, lectures, and other conversations for later reference.
  • Slide capture: Relevant slides from presentations are captured by Otter for easy review.
  • Integration: Otter integrates with platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. making transcription access easy during online meetings.
  • Searchability: Otter notes can be searched to find key information quickly.
  • Accessibility: The Otter app is available on both Android and iOS, while the web version provides cross-platform access.

Otter’s practical uses span students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and more. The software has been featured by Fast Company, Mashable, Forbes, and Apple for its innovative approach to productivity, communication, and accessibility.

How to use Free

The Otter Basic free plan provides individual users access to Otter’s powerful transcription features at no cost. Here is a step-by-step guide to get started:

1.     Sign Up for an Account

First, go to and sign up for a free Otter account either on web or mobile. You can use your Google or Facebook account to sign up quickly.

2.     Import Audio/Video Files

On the Basic plan, you can import up to 3 audio or video files for Otter to transcribe. Click on the Import button and upload your files.

3.     Start Live Transcription

To transcribe meetings, discussions, or interviews live, click on Record in Otter. The software will transcribe conversations in real-time.

4.     Collaborate on Transcripts

You can collaborate by adding comments, highlights, images, and notes during live transcriptions. Meeting participants can work together on the transcript.

5.     Review, Edit, Share Notes

Once done, the transcript can be reviewed, edited, shared via email or link, exported as text/PDF/SRT file, or printed. You can also search the notes.

6.     Manage Account

Under account settings, you can manage preferences, storage, collaborators, billing details, etc. Customize Otter to suit your needs.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy Otter’s transcription capacities for free as an individual to boost your productivity.

Key Features of Otter’s Free Plan

Otter Basic includes the following main features:

  • Real-time transcription of meetings, calls, discussions etc. Allows hands-free conversations.
  • Note-taking automation with highlights, summaries, and key extracts. Saves time.
  • Audio recording with easy playback for reference.
  • Slide capture from presentations inserted into notes automatically.
  • Integration with platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc.
  • Collaboration tools including notes, highlights, images, and comments during live transcription.
  • Shareable notes via email or link. Notes can also be exported or printed.
  • Searchable transcripts to easily find key information later.
  • Mobile app (iOS, Android) and web access for flexibility.
  • Free storage up to 10 hours per month. Additional hours can be purchased.
  • Free import of up to 3 audio/video files.

With these features, Otter Basic provides an avenue for individuals to experience Otter’s productivity benefits at no cost. The convenience of real-time automated transcription and collaboration makes it impactful.

Otter for Teams: Paid Plans and Capabilities

While Otter Basic serves individuals, Otter’s paid plans are designed for team and organizational use. Here is an overview:

Otter Business Trial

This free 7-day trial allows small teams to test Otter’s capabilities before subscribing. Features include:

  • All Basic features plus assignable action items, usage analytics, shared vocabulary, etc.
  • Unlimited teammates can join during 7-day trial.
  • 25 hours of free storage per month during trial.

Otter Business

The paid Otter Business plan adds features like:

  • Unlimited teammates and shared transcripts.
  • Granular user permissions and account controls.
  • 500 hours of storage monthly.
  • Priority support from Otter team.
  • Analytics and usage insights.

It is suitable for larger teams that collaborate heavily on voice meeting notes.

Otter Enterprise

Otter’s Enterprise plan includes:

  • Customized onboarding, training and implementation.
  • Granular administrative controls and security.
  • 99.9% uptime SLA.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) support.
  • Priority 24×7 support and onboarding.
  • 1000 hours of storage monthly.

The Enterprise plan scales to serve large organizations with advanced needs and tight IT requirements. Custom pricing applies.

By upgrading to paid plans, larger teams can optimize workflows by securely sharing transcripts, collaborating on meeting notes, assigning action items, and gaining valuable productivity insights. Use Cases’s transcription capabilities are versatile for different real-world scenarios:

Meetings and Calls

Otter can transcribe important discussions, generating shareable notes and highlights. It’s easier to review, search, and share key decisions.

Lectures and Presentations

Students can use Otter to transcribe classroom lectures, online lessons, and keynote presentations for better retention and exam preparation.

Interviews and Speeches

Journalists, researchers, and speakers can transcribe interviews or public speeches faster using Otter for accurate records.

Customer Service

Customer calls can be transcribed by Otter to improve dispute resolution, ensure compliance, and enhance customer relationship management.

Content Creation

Bloggers, podcasters, and creators can quickly transcribe audio or video interviews, presentations, and conversations to create written content.

In all these situations, Otter provides a time-saving automated transcription solution to document voice conversations. The AI-generated notes enhance productivity.

Getting the Most Out of Otter’s Free Offering

Here are some tips to maximize productivity using Otter Basic for free:

  • Use Otter consistently for meetings, lectures, interviews etc. to build helpful archives of notes.
  • Share transcripts with collaborators, colleagues, classmates, or customers to keep everyone aligned.
  • Highlight and tag important moments in live transcripts to easily find crucial information later.
  • Export/print notes after meetings for quick reference or to share with those absent.
  • Search transcripts to rapidly locate key details instead of listening to full audio recordings.
  • Review summaries for quick meeting recaps and reminders of action items or decisions.
  • Provide feedback on inaccurate transcriptions to improve Otter’s AI over time.
  • Use Otter integrated with Zoom, Google Meet etc. to directly transcribe video call discussions.

By fully utilizing these tips, you can get maximum productivity from Otter’s free transcription capabilities. Free vs Paid: Key Differences

FeatureOtter Basic FreeOtter Business & Enterprise Paid
Real-Time TranscriptionYesYes
Automated Note-takingYesYes
Audio RecordingYesYes
Slide CaptureYesYes
Platform IntegrationYesYes
Collaborative NotesYesYes
Shareable NotesYesYes
Searchable TranscriptsYesYes
Mobile & Web AccessYesYes
Storage Limit600 minutes/month500-1000 hours/month
Audio/Video Imports3 files maxUnlimited
Team CollaborationNoYes
User ManagementNoYes
Security ControlsNoYes (Enterprise)
Support LevelCommunityPriority (Enterprise 24×7)

This table summarizes the main differences between Otter’s free Basic plan and paid Business and Enterprise offerings. While the free version provides generous transcription features for individuals, teams can gain additional collaboration tools, security controls, priority support, and integration capabilities through paid plans. Understanding these differences allows you to choose the optimal plan based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Otter work for any language?

Currently, Otter transcribes English conversations. Support for Spanish transcription is in Beta. Otter plans to expand to other languages eventually based on demand.

Can I use Otter on multiple devices?

Yes, one Otter account can be accessed via the mobile app on iOS and Android phones/tablets, or via the web application through any desktop or laptop browser. Your notes sync across devices.

Does Otter offer a student discount?

While Otter Basic is free, Otter also offers discounted Business plans for verified students to access additional collaboration features for schoolwork and lectures. Discounts up to 60% are available.

How accurate is Otter’s transcription?

Otter uses advanced AI and machine learning to offer highly accurate transcription, which continues to improve. Providing feedback on incorrect transcriptions helps enhance accuracy further. Most users find the transcripts over 95% accurate.

Is audio/video uploaded to Otter’s servers?

Audio is streamed to Otter’s secure cloud servers for real-time transcription, after which temporary holding files are deleted within days. Uploaded audio/video files are also deleted after transcription. Encryption protects confidential data.

How can I share Otter meeting notes?

Otter meeting notes can be shared via generated links or exported as PDFs and text documents. Notes can also be shared directly from Otter to popular apps like Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.


In summary,’s free Otter Basic plan provides robust functionality like automated transcription, note-taking, and summarization to help individuals like students, professionals, and entrepreneurs boost productivity, accessiblity, and collaboration.

Upgrading to paid plans unlocks additional capabilities for teams like unlimited sharing, user management controls, and integration with enterprise IT environments.

By allowing hands-free voice conversations and extracting key insights, Otter saves users time while enhancing communication and understanding. The AI-powered assistant improves productivity across a variety of use cases from meetings and lectures to customer interviews and content creation.

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