How to Use Submagic AI & What Is it

Submagic AI is an innovative software that leverages artificial intelligence to boost viewer engagement for short-form video content.

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Engaging and retaining viewers is critical for content creators and brands trying to build an audience online. While high-quality videos are table stakes, adding elements like captions and visual effects can truly make content stand out.

This is where Submagic AI comes in – the tool that takes videos to the next level through automated captions, dynamic emojis, and keyword highlights.

What is Submagic AI?

Submagic AI is an innovative software that leverages artificial intelligence to boost viewer engagement for short-form video content. Designed specifically with creators and brands in mind, Submagic makes it easy to add professional captions and effects to videos in just minutes.

The platform was founded in 2021 by creators who struggled to manually add captions to their videos. They realized that AI technology could automate this tedious process and also provide opportunities to further enhance videos. Since launching, Submagic has continued improving its algorithms and capabilities while serving over 30,000 delighted customers.

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Key Features of Submagic

Submagic packs a suite of features that help creators engage their audience and improve accessibility:

Submagic of Features

  • AI captions in 37 languages – Accurate automated transcription and subtitling
  • Dynamic emojis match audio – Fun, engaging effects synchronized to audio
  • Keyword highlights – Draw attention to important keywords
  • Built-in editor – Customize captions and effects
  • Video templates – Easily maintain visual consistency

Why Creators Love Submagic

  • Increased engagement – Higher watch time and lower drop off
  • Faster production – Automated captions save hours of work
  • Revenue growth – More views and engagement drive more earnings
  • Improved accessibility – Captions make content accessible to more people
  • Brand consistency – Templates ensure consistent branding and style

How to Use Submagic AI

Ready to start leveraging AI to take your videos to the next level? Here are the steps to use Submagic like a pro:

Sign Up for an Account

Go to and sign up for your free account. You’ll gain access to a free trial to test all features. Paid plans give you up to 100 videos per month, unlimited word counts, and no watermarks.

Upload a Video

Once logged in, you can upload a video file directly or provide a YouTube/Vimeo link. Submagic supports common formats like MP4, MOV, and AVI. The video needs to be in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Generate Captions

Let Submagic work its AI magic! It will analyze the video and audio to automatically create timed captions. Edit if needed.

Add Emojis and Keywords

Customize the captions further by adding stylized emojis that dance along with the words. Bold important keywords to highlight crucial information.

Download and Share

When you’re happy with the results, export your amazing subtitled video! Remove the watermark by upgrading from your trial.

And that’s it! With just a few clicks, Submagic can turn an ordinary video into something extraordinary and engaging.

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Submagic AI Free

Want to test out Submagic’s magic before committing? Their forever-free plan allows you to do just that. It includes 2 video exports per month up to 1 minute in length and Submagic’s watermark. While limited, this provides the ability to sample the platform’s automated caption and enhancement capabilities before upgrading to unlock more videos, features, and exports without watermarks. The free experience gives creators a risk-free way to explore how Submagic can benefit their content.

Submagic AI Alternatives

Submagic leads the pack when it comes to AI video enhancements, but competitors are emerging. Some top alternatives to consider:

  • CapCut: A popular video editor from Bytedance with auto caption functions. Limited styling capabilities.
  • Headliner: Generates captions and headlines. No emoji or keyword features.
  • Kapwing: Robust editor with AI subtitles. Pricier plans.
  • Adobe Premiere: Leading pro editor can add captions with extra workflows. More complex.

These tools may work for simple caption needs but lack Submagic’s emoji, template, and highlight differentiators. For creators getting started with effects and enhancements, Submagic provides the most robust and user-friendly experience.

Elevate Your Content with Submagic

Adding professional captions, emojis, and highlights is a proven recipe for increasing viewership and earnings. With Submagic’s innovative AI capabilities, creators can optimize videos for engagement in minutes versus hours.

Ready to help your content stand out? Try Submagic today and witness first-hand the positive impact on your metrics and audience growth. The platform offers a forever-free version, allowing you to easily test it out and experience the benefits.


Submagic AI is a game-changing platform for creators looking to boost their content and grow their audiences. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to automate captions, emojis, and highlights, Submagic saves creators time while significantly increasing viewer engagement.

Its innovative features and capabilities explain why it has become an essential tool for over 30,000 content producers worldwide. For any creator ready to take their videos to the next level, Submagic AI’s free trial provides the perfect risk-free way to experience its magic first-hand. The platform streamlines enhancing videos for maximum impact.

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