How To Use Topaz Video Enhance AI

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Topaz Video AI stands out as a powerful tool developed by Topaz Labs. Utilizing cutting-edge machine learning techniques, this software is designed to elevate the resolution, sharpness, and overall quality of low-resolution videos. Formerly known as Topaz Video Enhance AI, the application has undergone significant improvements, making it a go-to solution for users seeking to enhance their video content.

What Is Topaz Video AI

Topaz Video AI is a standalone desktop application compatible with both Mac OS and Windows operating systems. The software boasts an array of AI models, including Artemis, Dione, Proteus, Chronos, and Gaia. Each model is tailored to deliver optimal enhancement results for different input types and scenarios. Whether you’re upscaling videos from SD to HD or pushing the limits to achieve 8K resolution, Topaz Video AI has you covered.

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Key Features of Topaz Video AI

Resolution Enhancement: Topaz Video AI excels in upscaling videos, breathing new life into low-resolution content. From standard definition to high definition and beyond, the software provides a substantial improvement in clarity.

  • Artifact Removal: The application is equipped to eliminate interlacing artifacts, ensuring smoother and more polished footage.
  • Motion Blur Reduction: Say goodbye to motion blur. Topaz Video AI includes features to reduce motion blur, resulting in sharper and more focused videos.
  • Noise Reduction: Unwanted noise in videos can be a distraction. With Topaz Video AI, advanced noise reduction features contribute to a cleaner and more professional look.
  • Stabilization: Correct shaky footage effortlessly using the advanced stabilization features. This ensures a smoother viewing experience for your audience.
  • Multi-Threaded Previews and Exports: The latest version of Video AI has been re-engineered for improved usability and performance. Multi-threaded previews and exports enhance workflow efficiency.

System Requirements and Performance Considerations

While Topaz Video AI unlocks a realm of possibilities, it’s essential to consider system requirements. The application can be hardware-intensive, demanding a robust computer configuration for optimal performance. Some users have reported that certain upscaling algorithms may be more bottlenecked by the CPU than the GPU.

Pricing and Refund Policy

As of November 2023, Topaz Video AI is priced at $299. This includes one year of free upgrades, and the software can be installed on two computers. Topaz Labs offers a 30-day refund policy, providing users with the flexibility to explore the software risk-free.

How to Use Topaz Video AI: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Import Your File

Open the application and import your video file using the ‘Browse’ option. Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop files directly into the app. For image sequences, ensure frames are in one folder with at least 5 frames in consecutive order.

2. Navigating the Sidebar

Explore various settings in the sidebar. The ‘Video-In’ menu displays input file details, while the ‘Video Out’ menu allows alterations to the output file’s resolution and frame rate.

3. Choose AI Model and Filters

Access the AI model picker by clicking on the light bulb icon. The software suggests a model based on your video’s characteristics. Enable specific filters, such as deinterlacing or adjusting frame rate, based on your requirements.

4. Output Settings

Customize export settings, including the Encoder, Container, and audio preferences, in the Output Settings menu.

5. Preview Your File

Generate a preview by selecting resolution, filters, and output settings. Press the ‘Preview’ button, choosing up to 15 seconds for inspection. Adjust the view and zoom to assess the results.

6. Export Your File

By default, the exported file is saved to the input file’s location. Customize the export location by selecting ‘Export As.’ The ‘Export’ button processes the currently selected view.

7. Start Processing

Initiate video processing by clicking ‘Start Processing.’ The software displays frames until the process is completed.

Upscaling to 8K with Topaz Video AI

Yes, you can upscale videos to 8K resolution using Topaz Video AI. Leveraging machine learning techniques, this application transforms videos, providing a significant enhancement in resolution and detail. However, keep in mind that the upscaling process can be hardware-intensive, necessitating a powerful computer for efficient task completion.


Topaz Video AI emerges as a formidable tool for video enhancement, offering a range of features to elevate the quality of your content. From resolution enhancement to advanced stabilization, this software caters to the diverse needs of content creators. By following the step-by-step guide, users can unlock the full potential of Topaz Video AI and breathe new life into their videos.

Enhance your video content, embrace the power of Topaz Video AI, and embark on a journey of visual transformation.

Topaz Video AI Models and Their Applications

AI ModelApplication
ArtemisGeneral-purpose enhancement
DioneSpecialized for deinterlacing
ProteusFocus on adjusting frame rate
ChronosEmphasis on motion blur reduction
GaiaDesigned for noise reduction and advanced stabilization
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