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Are you tired of spending hours proofreading your academic or technical writing, only to find complex grammar errors and unclear sentences? Look no further than Trinka AI, your ultimate writing assistant. In this comprehensive article, we will explore how to use Trinka AI can transform your writing, from correcting grammar mistakes to enhancing your vocabulary, tone, and conciseness. Whether you’re a student, professional, academic, or technical writer, Trinka AI is here to improve your writing skills and make your content shine.

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Trinka AI: A Game-Changer in Writing

Trinka AI is an AI-powered writing assistant specifically designed for academic and technical writing. It offers a range of features that set it apart from the rest:

Real-Time Editing

With Trinka AI, you can enjoy real-time editing of your documents. No more waiting for a final proofread; get instant feedback and corrections as you write.

Add-to-Dictionary Feature

Trinka AI allows you to personalize your writing experience by adding words to your own dictionary. This feature ensures that your writing style and preferences are always considered.

Security at Its Best

Rest assured; your work is safe with Trinka AI. It’s a secure Chrome extension that can be seamlessly integrated into academic writing platforms like Authorea and Plus, it adheres to the latest security standards, ensuring your data remains protected.

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Trinka AI Pricing Plans for Every Need

Trinka AI understands that different users have different needs and budgets. Let’s take a closer look at its pricing plans:

Free PlanCheck up to 10,000 words per month. One plagiarism check per month.Free
Premium PlanUnlimited monthly usage. Complete access to all features, including plagiarism checks, auto file edits, publication readiness checks, citation checks, and consistency checks. The Premium Plan is priced at just $6.67 per month.$6.67 per month
Enterprise PlanUnlimited access. Great customization options for all of Trinka’s powerful capabilities. Purchase access for your team of 6 or more users and enjoy attractive discounts.Custom pricing deals

Hassle-Free Invoices

Trinka AI makes the invoicing process smooth and convenient. They provide invoices tailored to your university or lab’s requirements. If needed, they offer invoices in various languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese. To get a customized invoice, simply purchase a subscription and email them at with the necessary details.

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How To Use Trinka AI for Free

If you’re interested in trying out Trinka AI for free, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Trinka AI website or download the Trinka AI Chrome extension.
  2. Sign up for a free account.
  3. Once registered, you can use Trinka AI to check up to 5000 words every month, all for free!
  4. Simply copy and paste your text into the Trinka AI editor or use the Chrome extension to check your content on most websites.
  5. Watch as Trinka AI instantly corrects your writing, providing suggestions for word choice, tone, syntax, and more.

Why Choose Trinka AI?

Trinka AI isn’t just any grammar checker; it’s a powerful tool that makes your writing clear and easy to understand. Here’s why you should choose Trinka AI:

  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation error checking.
  • Improved writing style and clarity.
  • Personalized writing experience with the add-to-dictionary feature.


Is Trinka AI suitable for students?

Absolutely! Trinka AI is ideal for students looking to enhance their writing skills and produce error-free assignments and essays.

Can Trinka AI be used by professionals?

Yes, professionals can benefit from Trinka AI by improving the clarity and professionalism of their written communication.

Is Trinka AI only for academics?

While it’s a valuable tool for academics, Trinka AI is versatile and can assist anyone looking to elevate their writing.

How can I get a customized invoice from Trinka AI?

To receive a customized invoice, purchase a subscription, and email your details to, including your organization/university name, address, and VAT/TAX ID.

Is my data secure with Trinka AI?

Yes, Trinka AI is a secure Chrome extension that follows the latest security standards, ensuring the safety of your data.

Can I use Trinka AI for free?

Yes, you can use Trinka AI for free by signing up for a free account and enjoying up to 5000 words of monthly checking.


Trinka AI is your go-to solution for improving your writing skills and producing error-free content. Whether you’re a student, professional, academic, or technical writer, Trinka AI’s user-friendly features, secure environment, and customization options make it the ultimate writing assistant. Say goodbye to grammar errors and unclear writing; with Trinka AI, your writing will always shine. Remember, Trinka AI is not just a grammar checker; it’s your partner in crafting outstanding written content. Try it for free today and experience the difference.

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