How To Use Yepic AI & App, Free And Pricing

Yepic AI is an innovative platform that leverages artificial intelligence to simplify video creation for a variety of use cases.

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Yepic AI

Yepic AI is a U.K.-based startup that offers tools for creating AI-generated videos. The company provides a platform, Yepic Studio, that allows users to create AI videos and dub live videoconferencing with VidVoice.

It also offers an API that enables developers to integrate video creation and translation into their apps.

Features of Yepic AI

The platform has been positively reviewed for its user-friendliness and is used in various industries such as e-commerce, education, and real estate.

However, the company has faced criticism for creating deepfake videos without consent, which is a controversial application of its technology.

Some key features of Yepic AI include:


This feature allows for perfect lip-sync translations in 8 languages and real-time dubbing in 5 languages. With VidVoice, users can easily create videos with voiceovers in multiple languages.

HD Video Streaming

Yepic AI supports high-quality video streaming for a better user experience. The videos created on the platform are smooth and clear.

Multi-language Support

The platform enables users to create videos that support multiple languages. This allows businesses and content creators to reach wider international audiences.


Yepic AI allows users to work together on video projects. Team members can provide feedback and edits to streamline the video creation process.

Progressive Rendering

The platform supports real-time rendering of videos. Users can preview their videos as they are being created.

Personalized URL

Users can create personalized URLs for their videos for easy sharing across platforms. The custom URLs help users track engagement metrics.

Photo-realistic Talking Avatars

Yepic AI uses state-of-the-art natural language processing and computer vision technology to create realistic talking avatars. The avatars can be customized to match a brand’s tone and style.

Custom Voice Cloning

The platform allows users to clone their voices for the talking avatars. This results in ultra-realistic voiceovers tailored to a user’s vocal traits.

Lip Sync Technology

Yepic AI uses advanced technology to achieve perfect lip-syncing in videos. The talking avatars have natural mouth and lip movements synchronized with the voiceover.

Animated Videos, Presentations, Explainers, and Slideshows

Users can create various types of videos, including animated presentations and explainer videos. From product demos to employee training, Yepic AI can generate high-quality video content.

Background Music and Text Overlays

The platform supports adding background music and text overlays to videos. Users have full creative control over the video style and branding.

Avatar Gestures and Motions

Yepic AI allows users to customize the gestures and movements of their avatars. The body language and mannerisms can be tailored to fit the video narrative.

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Yepic AI Pricing

No, Yepic AI is not entirely free. The platform offers a free starter plan that comes with 10 free credits, which can be used to create videos.

Users can also earn 25 credits for every friend that signs up using their referral link. However, to access more features and create more videos, users need to subscribe to one of the paid plans.

The pricing plans include Studio Express, Standard, and Plus, with prices ranging from £30 per user per month to £299 per user per month.

Yepic AI also offers a 3-day free trial of its Standard plan, which allows users to create videos in multiple languages and use various avatars and text-to-speech voices.

How To Use the Yepic AI Platform

There is no Yepic AI app available for download on mobile devices. However, Yepic AI offers a web-based platform called Yepic Studio that allows users to create AI-generated videos without needing costly gear or actors. The platform is highly rated on review sites and is useful for various industries like e-commerce, education, and real estate.

Steps to Use Yepic AI

  1. Go to the Yepic AI website at
  2. Sign up for a free account or choose a paid plan that suits your needs.
  3. Once you have logged in, select the type of video you want to create, such as an explainer video or a presentation.
  4. Choose an avatar or upload a photo to create a talking avatar.
  5. Add your script or use the text-to-speech feature to generate a voiceover.
  6. Customize your video by adding background music, text overlays, and gestures.
  7. Preview your video and make any necessary changes.
  8. Once you are satisfied with your video, download it or share it using a personalized URL.

The platform simplifies video creation by utilizing AI, and with its VidVoice feature, you can get perfect lip-sync translations in 8 languages, and real-time dubbing is available in 5 languages. Yepic AI is a user-friendly platform suitable for businesses, educators, content creators and more.

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Yepic AI App

There is currently no official Yepic AI mobile app available for download on iOS or Android devices. However, the company has indicated that a mobile app is in development.

Although there is no mobile app yet, users can still access the key features and functionality of Yepic AI through the mobile-responsive web application.

The Yepic Studio platform automatically adapts to various screen sizes, allowing users to create and manage AI video content directly from their phones or tablets.

Some of the tasks that can be accomplished on the Yepic AI web app include:

  • Browsing and selecting video templates
  • Customizing avatars
  • Uploading scripts and media files
  • Recording custom voiceovers
  • Adding text overlays and visual effects
  • Previewing videos
  • Downloading completed videos
  • Managing video projects and account settings

So while an official mobile app would likely improve the on-the-go experience, the current web platform still provides flexible mobile access for users looking to produce videos from their mobile devices.

As the company continues expanding the platform’s capabilities, the launch of iOS and Android apps would allow for even greater convenience and accessibility.

Is Yepic AI Free?

No, Yepic AI is not entirely free to use. However, they do offer both free and paid plans depending on the needs of the user.

Yepic AI offers a free Starter plan that includes:

  • 10 free video credits to get started
  • Access to a limited library of avatars, backgrounds, and assets
  • Standard definition video output
  • Ability to add logos and text overlays
  • Multi-language subtitles

While the free plan is limited, it does allow new users to test out the platform’s capabilities at no cost. It is a great option for simple video projects.

For more advanced features, Yepic AI has paid plans at various pricing tiers:

Studio Express

  • £30 per month
  • 50 video credits
  • 1080p HD video
  • Access to full asset library
  • Brand kit with assets


  • £60 per month
  • 100 video credits
  • 4K video output
  • Commercial usage rights
  • Custom avatar creation


  • £299 per month
  • 500 video credits
  • VidVoice dubbing
  • API access
  • Priority support

The paid plans offer high-quality video rendering, increased access to customization tools, enterprise capabilities, and more video credits for generating content.

While not free, Yepic AI’s paid plans are competitively priced compared to hiring video production teams and agencies. For users that need to produce a lot of video content, the value offered at each tier makes it an affordable AI-powered platform.


Yepic AI is an innovative platform that leverages artificial intelligence to simplify video creation for a variety of use cases.

Key strengths of the platform include the VidVoice feature for multi-language voiceovers and dubbing, collaborate capabilities, realistic animated avatars, and robust customization options. While Yepic AI is not free, they offer competitive pricing plans to meet the needs of different customers.

The web-based Yepic Studio simplifies getting started for beginners, while more advanced users can tap into their API capabilities. As AI technology continues advancing, Yepic AI is well-positioned to be a leader in AI-generated video content.

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