How Use Graphics AI in Their Work

Graphika is an innovative company leveraging (AI) to map and analyze complex social media landscapes. Founded in 2013, Graphika works with leading tech firms, research institutions, non-profits, and more to investigate online disinformation and influence campaigns.

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What Is Graphika AI

Graphika is an innovative company leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to map and analyze complex social media landscapes. Founded in 2013, Graphika works with leading tech firms, research institutions, non-profits, and more to investigate online disinformation and influence campaigns. Their state-of-the-art AI systems enable unique insights into online communities.

Graphika Photography AI

While Graphika is not specifically focused on photography AI, their AI does have implications for detecting visual disinformation like AI-generated images and videos.

As online influence efforts shift to promoting fictitious people and events using technology like deepfakes, Graphika is at the forefront of detecting these AI-fueled campaigns.

Their technology platforms map connections between inauthentic social media accounts, reconstructing influence networks.

By spotting the digital footprints of coordinated AI visual propaganda efforts, Graphika equips partners with the ability to counter false narratives and lies spread through images and video.

Their multi-language AI investigative capabilities are unmatched in identifying and analyzing sophisticated influence operations globally.

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How Graphika Uses AI in Their Work

Graphika leverages AI across all aspects of their social graph mapping and analysis:

Investigating Disinformation Campaigns

Graphika’s AI spots coordinated inauthentic behavior and suspicious account clusters indicative of disinformation plots. Their technology pieces together detailed relationship maps to uncover propaganda networks and track their growth.

Analyzing Content Virality and Contagion

Leveraging natural language processing and predictive analytics, Graphika identifies viral trends and models how false narratives and hostile memes can spread through social networks.

Their AI assessments empower clients to get ahead of disinformation filled “infodemics”.

Monitoring Digital Threats

By continuously surveilling the digital landscape, Graphika detects threats and abuse targeting women, minorities, civil society groups and more.

Their ethical AI systems are deployed to identify toxic digital spaces and enable protective interventions.

Target Audience Analysis

Graphika builds custom machine learning classifiers tailored to clients’ goals for identifying and segmenting target audiences. Their AI empowers nuanced understanding of customer subgroups vital for social marketing.

Academic Collaborations

On the cutting edge of computational social science research, Graphika partners with academics and non-profits on projects covering hate speech detection, political polarization modeling, and digital human rights mapping. Their enterprise AI research is shaping the future.

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How To Use Graphika AI

To leverage Graphika’s unparalleled AI-powered social network mapping and analytics systems, visit their website for an overview of capabilities.

Reach out to the Graphika sales team about custom deployments tailored to your organizational needs across threat detection, audience segmentation, disinformation investigations, influencer marketing, academic partnerships, or more.

Flexible purchasing options range from licensing their SaaS platform to multi-year or per use case consulting engagements supported hands-on by their data scientists and engineers.

Graphika is the go-to provider for securely navigating the weaponization of social media and protecting vulnerable voices online.

If staying ahead of evolving risks like AI visual propaganda is critical, Graphika’s AI offers state-of-the-art early warning systems.

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As AI-manipulated media powered influence operations dominate global information warfare, Graphika’s AI solutions lead the charge in exposing these social media threats.

Their expanding partnerships with industry leaders, non-profits, and academics will shape the future landscape of detecting AI-enhanced disinformation.

With custom deployments matching each organization’s unique needs, Graphika allows clients to safely reclaim online spaces for truth and justice using the most advanced technology available.

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