Is Recraft AI Free to Use?

Recraft AI has exploded in popularity as a powerful AI art generation tool. With its ability to create stunning vector images, icons, animations and more, Recraft provides endless creative possibilities. But does this invaluable resource come at a cost? Let’s examine Recraft’s pricing model and features to see what’s available for free vs paid.

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What Is Recraft AI?

First released in March 2022, Recraft AI is software that utilizes AI image generation to create unique vector-based visual content.

The web-based platform allows users to generate icons, illustrations, 3D images, animations and other graphics simply by entering text prompts. Recraft’s AI then creates original images matching the description.

Recraft also provides editing tools to customize the AI-generated art. Images can be tweaked and refined until perfect. Final visuals are output in SVG, PNG, JPG and other formats.

In just months, Recraft has become popular with designers, artists and marketers for its versatility in creating graphics, logos, ads and more. But does it come with a price tag?

Recraft Follows a Freemium Model

Recraft AI is free to start using immediately. No credit card or payment is required to create an account and begin generating images via the AI artboard.

This makes accessing Recraft’s powerful AI creation tools completely risk-free. Within minutes, anyone can start creating ai-assisted vector graphics.

However, Recraft does limit some features for free users. This follows the typical freemium model, where core features are free but advanced capabilities require a paid subscription.

Let’s look at exactly what’s included in Recraft’s free vs paid tiers.

Recraft’s Free Plan

Recraft’s free account provides ample capabilities for new users to get started with AI art generation. Here are the key aspects:

Unlimited image generation – No limits on creating new ai art, icons, logos, etc.

  • 10 exports per month – Can export up to 10 high resolution images or animations.
  • Basic style options – Generate art in styles like Line Art, Duotone, Pixel Art.
  • Standard image resolution – Up to 1024×1024 pixels.
  • Access to icon sets – Thousands of icon designs available.
  • Image editing tools – Overlay, crop, transform, blur and more.
  • Commercial Use – Generated images are free for commercial use.

With 10 monthly exports and no generation limits, Recraft supplies ample creative power at no cost. Users can get a feel for Recraft’s AI capabilities using the free features.

Premium Subscription Adds Advanced Features

For $49 per month, a Recraft Pro subscription unlocks additional high-end capabilities:

  • Unlimited exports – No limits on exporting high resolution images.
  • More styles – Premium styles like Concept Art, Psychedelic and Futurism.
  • 2500×2500 resolution – Higher resolution outputs for detailed prints.
  • Remove watermark – Creates clean images without Recraft branding.
  • Batch processing – Quickly generate multiple images and variations.
  • Animation creator – Build animations and export as Lottie or GIF.
  • Marketplace coming soon – Sell your custom ai art in Recraft’s marketplace.

While not essential, upgrading to a paid subscription enables heavier use and commercial applications. The expanded features make Recraft more robust for professional digital artists and designers.

Recraft Offers Flexible Billing

Recraft allows subscribers to pay monthly or take advantage of discounts for 6 month ($228) and 12 month ($396) plans.

Users can also opt to link a credit card for automatic renewal or pay manually each period. Billing is handled via Stripe for secure transactions.

The flexible billing options make it easy to choose a Recraft subscription tailored to specific needs and budget.

Creative Power with No Upfront Risk

A key advantage to Recraft’s freemium approach is that anyone can immediately start exploring AI art generation at zero cost.

Rather than locking features behind a paywall, Recraft allows users to experience its innovative AI before subscribing. The free tier grants ample capacity for typical personal use.

Those needing more volume or advanced capabilities can seamlessly upgrade to unlock additional features as desired. But casual users or anyone just getting started with AI art can benefit from Recraft’s free account.

Recraft AI: Free to Use, Subscription for More

In summary, Recraft AI grants full access to vector image generation capabilities for free. Users can create unlimited AI artworks subject to export limits. Upgrading to a paid subscription enables higher volumes and additional features for professional use.

This combination of a generous free plan with the option for affordable subscriptions makes Recraft accessible to everyone. Artists, designers and everyday creators can unlock AI’s vast creative potential through Recraft for free.


Recraft AI follows a freemium model, allowing free access to core features while offering subscriptions that unlock additional professional capabilities and volume. This grants anyone the ability to harness Recraft’s AI image generation at no cost, while still providing flexible paid options tailored to different needs. With both free and subscription plans, Recraft aims to put powerful AI art tools in the hands of all.

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