How to Use the KoboldAI API URL

KoboldAI is an impressive artificial intelligence system that can generate remarkably human-like text. The AI models powering KoboldAI have been trained on massive datasets to acquire strong language understanding and production abilities. Developers and researchers can tap into these models using the KoboldAI API.

The KoboldAI API allows you to access advanced AI functionalities through a simple API URL. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know to get started with the KoboldAI API:

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What Is KoboldAI

KoboldAI is built using the Anthropic Constitutional AI framework. It leverages cutting-edge AI techniques like transformers and reinforcement learning to create conversational AI agents.

Some key capabilities provided by KoboldAI models include:

  • Natural language generation – KoboldAI can write high-quality prose, poems, jokes, stories, code and more based on text prompts.
  • Conversational ability – The AI can maintain coherent, insightful dialog with humans on endless topics.
  • World knowledge – KoboldAI has broad knowledge about the world gleaned from training on vast datasets.
  • Common sense – The models exhibit impressive common sense reasoning in how they generate text and converse.
  • Multi-modal skills – KoboldAI models can perform tasks across modalities like text, code, audio and images.
  • Safe and helpful – KoboldAI adheres to human preferences and avoids harmful, unethical or dangerous output.

Researchers and developers around the world are using KoboldAI for text generation, conversational apps, content creation, question answering, translations and more.

How to Access KoboldAI via the API URL

To use KoboldAI’s capabilities, you need to access the models via the KoboldAI API URL:

This base URL allows HTTP requests to be made to the API endpoints. The endpoints provide access to text generation, translations, answering questions and other AI functionality.

Registering for an API Key

To use the KoboldAI API, you first need to register for an API key. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to and create a free account.
  2. Navigate to the API keys page from your account settings.
  3. Click on “Create API key” and add a description for the key like “My KoboldAI App”.
  4. Copy the generated API key which will be a long alphanumeric string.

Save this API key securely as it provides full access to your KoboldAI account.

Authenticating Requests

When making requests to the API URL, you need to authenticate using your API key.

There are two ways to authenticate:

  1. Adding to request header – Set the Authorization header to Bearer YOUR_API_KEY.
  2. Adding as query parameter – Append ?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY to the API URL.

This API key needs to be kept secure and not shared publicly. All requests made with the API key will be billed to your KoboldAI account.

Using the Text Generation Endpoint

The most popular KoboldAI API endpoint is /generate which provides access to the AI’s remarkable text generation capabilities.

To generate text, make a POST request to:

Pass in a JSON body with the prompt and model keys:


  “prompt”: “Once upon a time”,

  “model”: “kobold-xl”


This will use the kobold-xl model to continue the story beginning with “Once upon a time”.

The response contains the generated text continuation:


  “text”: “Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived a young peasant girl named Ella. She lived with her abusive stepmother and two stepsisters who forced her to act as their maid…”


The /generate endpoint allows us to tap into KoboldAI’s remarkable prose generation capabilities.

You can control the generated text by providing different prompts and specifying one of many capable AI models like kobold, kobold2, text-davinci-003 etc.

Leveraging Other API Endpoints

In addition to text generation, the KoboldAI API provides other endpoints to access different AI functions:

  • /converse – Have an interactive conversation with the AI agent.
  • /edit – Refine and tweak generated text through an iterative process.
  • /translate – Translate text between languages like English, Spanish, Chinese etc.
  • /answers – Get well-formed answers to questions on any topic.
  • /moderations – Moderate AI responses at scale to flag toxic outputs.
  • /embeddings – Get vector representations of input text for ML experimentation.

Each endpoint has its own parameters and outputs tailored for the specific task. See the KoboldAI documentation for more details.

Building Applications Powered by KoboldAI

The KoboldAI API opens up many possibilities for building intelligent applications:

  • Chatbots – Create virtual assistants that can hold conversations and answer questions.
  • Content generation – Automate writing for blogs, advertisements, reports, essays and more.
  • Creative apps – Develop AI-powered poetry, lyrics and story writing apps.
  • Game NPCs – Bring characters to life with convincing dialog grounded in common sense.
  • Translation tools – Offer fast high-quality translations for global businesses.
  • Moderation – Automatically detect harmful content across user-generated text, images, audio and video.

Search/recommendation – Improve search relevance with semantic text analysis and product embeddings.

The API provides a simple way to integrate KoboldAI’s capabilities into your applications. The code samples below show how you can call the API from languages like Python, JavaScript and PHP.

# Python

import requests

api_key = ‘YOUR_API_KEY’

headers = {‘Authorization’: f’Bearer {api_key}’}

data = {‘prompt’: ‘What is the capital of France?’}

response =‘’, headers=headers, json=data)



// JavaScript/Node.js

const { Configuration, OpenAIApi } = require(‘openai’);

const configuration = new Configuration({

  apiKey: process.env.OPENAI_API_KEY,


const openai = new OpenAIApi(configuration);

const response = await openai.createCompletion({

  model: “text-davinci-003”,

  prompt: “Say this is a test”,

  max_tokens: 7,

  temperature: 0,



// PHP

$curl = curl_init();

curl_setopt_array($curl, array(

  CURLOPT_URL => ‘’,









    “prompt”: “What is the capital of France?”



    ‘Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY’



$response = curl_exec($curl);


echo $response;

Best Practices for the KoboldAI API

Here are some tips for getting the most out of the KoboldAI API:

  • Prefer smaller prompts – Short, focused prompts produce better results than long, complex ones.
  • Split big requests into multiple API calls – Large requests can fail. Break them into smaller chunks.
  • Tune temperature (0-2) – Higher values produce more creative output, lower values give more focused responses.
  • Specify stop sequences – Add “\n\n” to tell the API when to stop generating text.
  • Watch out for repetition – The AI can sometimes repeat itself. Use prompts that reduce this.
  • Check for errors – Handle 4xx and 5xx errors gracefully in your code.
  • Cache responses – Store generated text to avoid hitting API limits.
  • Enable server-side sessions – This allows progressive conversations for better context.

Pricing for the KoboldAI API

The KoboldAI API offers paid plans suitable for different use cases:

  • Hobby – $10 per month. Best for experimenting.
  • Startup – $99 per month. For early-stage startups.
  • Business – $249 per month. Production applications.
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing. Large scale deployments.

You are billed monthly based on the number of tokens generated. Refer to the pricing page for details.

Non-commercial research usage is free up to fair limits. Overall, KoboldAI offers very competitive pricing compared to other AI APIs.


The KoboldAI API provides easy access to the awesome text generation powers of AI models like Kobold-XL and Kobold2. By calling the API endpoints from your applications, you can integrate services like conversational agents, content creators, translators and more.

Remember to sign up for an API key and make authenticated requests. Start with the /generate endpoint to create impressive AI-generated text. Tap into the other endpoints as you build more advanced use cases. Follow best practices around prompt formatting, error handling and caching to improve results.

With capabilities expanding rapidly, KoboldAI is an API worth integrating into your projects to create the next generation of intelligent applications powered by AI!

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