List of OpenAI Board of Directors

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Explore the dynamic landscape of the OpenAI board of directors and recent leadership changes. From the ousting of CEO Sam Altman to the negotiation for a new transitional board, this article delves into the details. Discover the current members, the departure of key figures, and the ongoing search for a permanent board. Stay informed about the AI startup’s governance issues and the influence of major investors like Microsoft.

The world of OpenAI is undergoing significant changes in its board of directors and leadership structure. This article provides an in-depth exploration of the current board members, recent leadership changes, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Current Board Members

Adam D’Angelo – CEO of QuoraShaping the Vision of OpenAI
Tasha McCauley – Tech EntrepreneurDriving Innovation in AI
Helen Toner – Director of StrategyStrategizing for Success

The current board members bring diverse expertise to OpenAI, with Adam D’Angelo leading as the CEO of Quora since 2018. Tasha McCauley, a tech entrepreneur, and Helen Toner, Director of Strategy at Georgetown Center for Security and Emerging Technology, contribute significantly to the board’s dynamism.

Adam D’Angelo – CEO of Quora: Shaping the Vision of OpenAI

In this section, we explore Adam D’Angelo’s pivotal role in shaping OpenAI’s vision, drawing on his experience as the CEO of Quora and his involvement in the ousting of former CEO Sam Altman.

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Tasha McCauley – Tech Entrepreneur: Driving Innovation in AI

Delve into Tasha McCauley’s background as a tech entrepreneur and her impact on driving innovation within OpenAI. Uncover her role in the decision to oust Sam Altman and her vision for the future of AI.

Helen Toner – Director of Strategy: Strategizing for Success

Explore Helen Toner’s journey and her strategic contributions to OpenAI. Understand her role in the decision-making process, especially in the firing of Sam Altman, and how her strategic insights are shaping the future of the company.

Recent Leadership Changes

Ousting of Sam AltmanA Turning Point for OpenAI
Greg Brockman’s ResignationProtest and Consequences
Negotiations for a New Transitional BoardCharting the Path Forward

Ousting of Sam Altman: A Turning Point for OpenAI

On November 18th, 2023, the OpenAI board made a decisive move by firing co-founder and CEO Sam Altman. Explore the reasons behind this abrupt decision, including allegations of inconsistent communication with the board.

Greg Brockman’s Resignation: Protest and Consequences

Dive into the aftermath of Sam Altman’s firing as OpenAI President Greg Brockman resigned in protest. Uncover the consequences of this resignation and its ripple effect on the company.

Negotiations for a New Transitional Board: Charting the Path Forward

Get a glimpse into the ongoing negotiations for Sam Altman’s potential return as CEO with a new transitional board. Explore the proposed members, including Bret Taylor and Larry Summers, and the role of Adam D’Angelo in this transitional phase.

The Search for a Permanent Board

Major Investors’ InfluenceMicrosoft and the Seat at the Table
Regulatory ScrutinyShaping Decisions in the AI Landscape

Major Investors’ Influence: Microsoft and the Seat at the Table

Understand the influence of major investors like Microsoft in the search for a permanent board at OpenAI. Explore the dynamics of securing a seat at the table and how this impacts the company’s direction.

Regulatory Scrutiny: Shaping Decisions in the AI Landscape

Delve into the impact of regulatory scrutiny on decisions regarding OpenAI’s board and leadership structure. Understand how evolving regulations in the AI technology sector are shaping the company’s future.

Former Board Members

Ilya Sutskever – Chief ScientistRegret and Reflection
Resignations in 2021-2022Understanding the Turnover

Ilya Sutskever – Chief Scientist: Regret and Reflection

Explore Ilya Sutskever’s journey as OpenAI’s Chief Scientist and co-founder. Understand his initial involvement in ousting Sam Altman and later expressions of regret. Gain insights into the complexities of leadership decisions.

Resignations in 2021-2022: Understanding the Turnover

Uncover the reasons behind the resignations of key board members, including Reid Hoffman, Will Hurd, Shivon Zilis, and Holden Karnofsky, in 2021-2022. Examine how these resignations contributed to the significant turnover in OpenAI’s board.


Summarize the journey of the OpenAI board, from the current members and recent leadership changes to the ongoing negotiations and challenges. Emphasize the importance of navigating governance issues in a rapidly evolving AI startup landscape.

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