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Otter ai is a popular transcription service that uses AI to automatically transcribe meetings, interviews, lectures, and other spoken audio.

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Otter AI Alternatives is a popular transcription service that uses AI to automatically transcribe meetings, interviews, lectures, and other spoken audio. However, there are several Otter AI alternatives worth considering if Otter doesn’t fully meet your needs or budget.

Fireflies AI is a free transcription service that focuses mainly on meeting recordings and transcriptions. Some unique features include:

  • Integrations with CRM, project management tools, and more
  • Ability to create custom vocabulary terms
  • Searchable transcripts of recorded meetings

The service can be useful for teams that regularly hold meetings and want meeting notes and transcripts automatically generated.


Grain is a video conferencing and transcription service in one. Users can hold video conference calls within Grain and record + transcribe the meetings with Otter-like automatic speech recognition.

The service isn’t solely focused on transcription but combines easy video calls with transcription abilities. This could suit teams that want both easy video conferencing and meeting transcriptions.


Krisp offers accurate speech-to-text transcription powered by AI. The service boasts high accuracy levels and fast turnaround times.


Vowel is another transcription service that uses AI to transcribe audio and video files. The pitch is exceptional accuracy and speed.

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Otter AI Alternatives Free

Here are some free alternatives to for transcription:

Fireflies.aiOffers free transcription and analysis of online meetings across various platforms.
TrintProvides AI transcription and editing for audio and video, with a free trial available.
RevOffers automated transcription services with a free plan for up to 45 minutes per month.
VowelProvides fast and accurate transcriptions from audio or video files, with a free plan available.
AirgramA team collaboration platform that offers free transcription services for meetings.

These alternatives offer various features and language support, so it’s important to assess them based on your specific needs.

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The otter ai alternatives mentioned above are just a sample of services on par with Otter’s transcription capabilities. When selecting an alternative, consider factors like accuracy, integrations, pricing, and ease of use based on your specific needs.

Evaluating multiple options by signing up for free trials can help determine the best otter ai alternative to meet your transcription requirements.


What is is an automated transcription service that uses artificial intelligence to transcribe audio recordings of conversations, interviews, meetings, and more into text. It can integrate with platforms like Zoom to automatically transcribe video calls as well.

What features does offer?

Key features of include accurate speech-to-text transcription, the ability to collaborate with others on transcripts, search tools to find keywords in conversations, highlighting important sections automatically, and syncing audio with generated text.

Does have a free version?

Yes, does offer a free version of its service. However, it has limitations on things like the maximum recording time per month. Paid plans unlock additional features.

Top alternatives to consider include services like, Grain, Krisp, Temi, Trint, and Whisper. Each offers its pricing plans, feature sets, accuracy levels, integrations, and overall value proposition.

How do the alternatives compare?

The alternatives compare in aspects like monthly minutes or hours of transcriptions allowed, related collaboration tools, speed and accuracy of speech-to-text, integrations with platforms like Zoom and Google Workspace, search tools for finding text in transcripts, and overall ease of use. Most offer free trials.

What are the key factors in choosing the best alternative?

Key factors include accuracy levels, pricing for your expected usage, audio/video file support, text export options, collaboration and sharing tools, search capabilities, third-party integrations needed, speed of transcriptions, and ease of use based on your use cases.

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