Otter AI Transcription Service

Otter AI is an innovative transcription service that utilizes advanced AI and machine learning technology to accurately transcribe voice conversations.

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Otter AI Transcription Service

Otter AI is an innovative transcription service that utilizes advanced AI and machine learning technology to accurately transcribe voice conversations.

With features like real-time transcripts, speaker identification, and searchable keywords, aims to increase productivity and collaboration across teams.

Key Features of

Some of the key features that make Otter ai stand out include:

Accurate Voice Recognition utilizes neural network AI to provide industry-leading accuracy in transcription. It can recognize multiple speakers and separate voices to attribute statements to the correct person.

Real-Time Transcripts

See your conversation convert from speech to text live, as you have meetings, interviews, lectures, and more. Users can also search transcripts for keywords to easily find relevant sections.

Collaboration Tools

Otter ai makes it simple to share meeting notes, highlight key points, and assign action items to team members. Integrates with top collaboration platforms.

Accessibility Options

Options like live captions allow users with hearing impairment to participate more fully. Otter ai aims to increase inclusion and accessibility in business communication.

Otter AI Free Plan offers a robust free version of its software, called Otter Basic, that comes with many useful features.

600 Minutes Per Month

Users on the Basic free plan get 600 minutes of transcription per month. This allows for extensive use without needing to upgrade right away.

Audio & Video Recording

Record meetings, interviews, talks, and more by using’s easy-to-use audio and video recording tools that integrate directly with the transcription software.

2 Export Options

Choose to export transcripts as text files or audio files attached to MP3s. This allows users to reuse transcripts in a variety of ways.

Access Across Devices

The Otter ai app is available on the web, iOS, and Android devices, so you can access transcripts on the go.

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Otter AI Pricing Plans

For power users, offers paid plans – Pro, Business, and Enterprise – with additional features.

6,000 Minutes Per Month

The Pro plan comes with 6,000 minutes of transcription per month, 10 times more than the free plan.Bulk transcription needs are easily met.

Admin Controls

Business plan admins can manage team members, set permissions, integrate single sign-on tools, and ensure secure data access.

Live Support Enterprise packages come with live VIP customer support, ensuring fast responses to any issues.

API Access

Developers on Enterprise plans get access to the API, allowing tight integration with other software platforms your business uses.

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Otter AI Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension provides easy meeting transcription directly within the Chrome browser.

1. Open Chrome and navigate to the Extension

Open the Chrome browser and navigate to the Chrome Extension in the Chrome Web Store.

2. Click “Add to Chrome” to install

Click “Add to Chrome” and accept the permissions to add the extension.

3. Pin the extension for easy access (optional)

Once installed, pin the Otter Chrome Extension for easy access (optional).

4. Sign in to your Otter account

Create a new account or sign in to your existing Otter account.

5. Open a meeting link in Chrome to use with Zoom or Meet

To use the extension with Zoom or Google Meet, open a meeting link in your browser or add one to a calendar event. The extension will automatically detect the meeting and provide a quick and easy way to transcribe it.

6. Click the extension icon to pin it

Click the extension icon from the toolbar, then click the pin icon.

7. Click “Record” to start transcribing the meeting

Click the Record button to start recording the meeting.

8. Click “CC” for live captions

Click the CC button to open live captions.

9. Pause or stop recordings

Click the || button to pause, then either select Resume Recording or Stop Recording.

10. View transcripts in your Otter account

The audio transcript is automatically saved in your Otter account.

11. Add “Otter Meeting Notes” in Google Calendar

To use the extension with Google Calendar, create a new calendar event and click the “Add Otter Meeting Notes” button.

12. Otter auto-joins calendar meetings

If your calendar is connected in Otter and there is a Zoom or Google Meet link in your calendar event, Otter will automatically join that meeting.

13. Manually record if no meeting link

If there is no Zoom or Google Meet link in your calendar event, a meeting note will be added with instructions to manually record on your device.

That’s it! The Chrome extension is a powerful tool for transcribing virtual meetings and adding meeting notes.

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Otter AI API

For developers, provides API access to build custom transcription integrations.

Integration Capabilities

Otter APIs allow programmatic access for embedding transcription into business apps. Custom platforms can be built around Otter‘s transcription engine.

Webhook Support

Webhooks allow apps to automatically respond to Otter events like new meeting notes becoming available. This enables seamless integrations.

GraphQL Option

In addition to REST API access, Otter also provides a GraphQL API for greater flexibility in querying only the exact transcriptions data you need.

The API provides exciting ways for developers to integrate advanced transcription features into custom platforms.

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With innovative features like live transcripts, collaboration tools, and cross-platform accessibility, aims to revolutionize how teams communicate. From the Otter Basic free plan to Enterprise-level API access, Otter provides transcription solutions for individuals and organizations alike. As AI technology continues advancing,’s automated speech recognition paves the way for more productive team collaboration.

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