What is Parrot AI? How To Use It?

Sofía Cotillard

Meetings are meant to bring teams together to ideate, collaborate, and make decisions that propel the business forward. But more often than not, critical details, ideas, and follow-ups discussed in meetings get lost in a sea of disjointed notes, audio recordings, and faded memories. Without a structured approach to capture and retain meeting knowledge, teams struggle with meeting overload, losing track of key takeaways, and reinventing the wheel.

This is where Parrot AI comes in – an innovative platform that transforms meetings into retained knowledge via AI-powered capabilities like automatic speech-to-text, topic detection, action items tracking and search.

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Parrot AI’s Capabilities

Parrot AI integrates seamlessly with your existing video conferencing tools like Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. As your team conducts meetings, Parrot AI automatically records, transcribes, summarizes and organizes talking points into bite-sized knowledge nuggets.

Key capabilities offered by Parrot AI include:

  • Automated Speech-to-Text: Accurate speech-to-text transcription of meetings, with speaker identification.
  • Relevant Topic Detection: AI detects topics from conversations and organizes related dialogue.
  • Smart Action Items Tracking: Automatically detects tasks and to-do items agreed upon.
  • Powerful Search: Instantly find relevant moments in past meetings via text and visual search.
  • Customized Knowledge Cards: Editable summary cards that crystallize meeting key takeaways.
  • Secure Access Controls: Strict controls on accessing, sharing and exporting data.

Beyond meetings, Parrot AI also empowers teams to capture critical details from customer calls, training sessions, interviews, focus groups and more – repurposing them into retained knowledge.

How To Use Parrot AI: Step-By-Step Guide

Using Parrot AI to harness your meeting knowledge is simple. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Integrate Video Conferencing Platform

Connect your existing video conferencing platform like Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams with Parrot AI. The integration allows Parrot AI to automatically join your meetings.

Step 2: Conduct Meeting as Usual

Proceed with your meetings as usual. Parrot AI will automatically record, take notes, identify topics and track action items in the background.

Step 3: Review AI-Generated Notes

After each meeting, log into Parrot AI to review auto-generated meeting notes, transcripts and topics detected. Add any additional context or edits to enrich the knowledge captured.

Step 4: Collaborate Around Key Topics

Dig deeper into key topics from the meeting by collaborating with colleagues via comments right within each topic page.

Leverage AI search capabilities to instantly find moments in past meetings based on text queries or even a visual snapshots.

Step 6: Create Knowledge Cards

Curate meeting transcripts and insights into customized Knowledge Cards – shareable summaries with key details, decisions and meeting takeaways.

That’s it! In just these 6 simple steps, Parrot AI empowers your team to effortlessly capture critical knowledge from meetings and unlock that intelligence for future use.

Separate Offering: Parrot AI Voice Generator

In addition to the core Parrot AI platform, the company also offers Parrot: AI Voice Generator – a separate product focused squarely on creating realistic synthetic voices.

With Parrot’s AI Voice Generator, you can generate funny voiceovers and videos using a wide selection of celebrity voice impersonations. Currently it offers high-quality mimics of voices like Joe Rogan, Donald Trump, Morgan Freeman and many more.

The AI voice cloning technology manages to capture not just the unique tones and pitches of voice impressively – but also the cadence, dialects and language patterns that make a voice distinctive.

While still early in development, Parrot’s AI Voice Generator opens up fun, viral possibilities for creating engaging video and audio content for both personal and commercial use.

The Future of Automated Knowledge Management

Meetings will continue to dominate work collaboration – but intelligently capturing and connecting the knowledge scattered across meetings remains a challenge. Parrot AI represents the next phase in transforming meetings from productivity killers to critical drivers of organizational knowledge.

By blending AI with purpose-built functionality for meetings, Parrot AI sets a gold standard for not just archiving recordings and transcripts – but actually enhancing, retaining and reuse of conversational knowledge.

As this breed of AI continues to mature, expect even more refined capabilities around aggregating insights across meetings, auto-generating smart meeting assistants, and potentially even using computer vision for gesture/expression analysis to capture non-verbal cues.

The future is undoubtedly bright for platforms like Parrot AI that uplift meetings from mind-numbing obligations to delightful opportunities for teams to drive innovation.

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