What Is Textero AI? How To Use?

Textero AI is an exciting new platform that leverages artificial intelligence to assist with academic writing. Textero’s advanced capabilities like summarizing papers, generating outlines, and crafting original text can save writers hours of work. This guide will walk through the key features of Textero AI and how to effectively incorporate it into your research and writing workflow.

Introduction to Textero AI

Textero AI aims to make academic writing easier by using AI to accomplish time-consuming tasks like finding sources, analyzing material, structuring papers, and drafting content.

Textero was designed specifically with the needs of writers, researchers, and students in mind. Whether you need help getting started on a paper, finding supporting sources, or editing drafts, Textero provides assisted writing.

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The platform offers both free and paid subscriptions. While the free version provides basic tools, upgrading unlocks the full power of Textero’s AI writing capabilities.

Key Features and Capabilities

Here are some of the main features and capabilities of Textero AI:

  • Essay generation – craft original drafts using just a title or prompt
  • Text summarization – summarize research papers, articles, and other sources
  • Outline creation – generate complete paper outlines from scratch
  • Reference finder – discovers relevant sources and studies for topics
  • Insight generator – provides useful details about sources
  • Text editing – improves clarity, flow, grammar, and structure
  • Paraphrasing – rephrases text to avoid plagiarism

Citation management – neatly organizes citations

How To Use Textero AI

  1. Signing up for a free Textero account takes just minutes. Simply provide your name, email, and a password on their website.
  2. The free version allows basic access to Textero’s AI tools with some limitations. It’s great for testing the platform.
  3. After signing up, you can start using key features like summarizing content, finding references, and getting insights on sources. This gives a feel for Textero’s capabilities.

While useful, the free version limits you to 3,000 words per month. So it’s best for short papers or getting started. You also can’t use your own sources. But it’s still an excellent introduction to Textero AI.

Making the Most of the Paid Version

To fully utilize Textero’s academic writing capabilities, you’ll want to upgrade to the Unlimited paid plan which offers:

  • No word count limits
  • Ability to use your own sources
  • Access to the most advanced AI features
  • Plagiarism checks
  • Higher word output speed
  • Additional citation styles

The paid version transforms Textero into a powerhouse writing companion. You gain unlimited access to features like high-quality essay generation, text editing with revisions, summarizing entire papers instantly, and enhanced outline creation.

The paid plan is priced very reasonably at around $17 per month. For serious academic writing needs, the boost in capabilities and unlimited word counts justify upgrading.

Incorporating Textero AI into Your Writing Workflow

Here are some tips for integrating Textero AI into your research and writing process:

  • Use it early when starting a paper to generate ideas and content.
  • Summarize key source papers to quickly digest their information.
  • Generate a detailed outline based on your thesis and sources.
  • Use the plagiarism checker when editing to catch any issues.
  • Employ the text editing features to refine arguments and improve wording.
  • Let Textero write complete drafts then edit them yourself.
  • Continuously add relevant sources found by Textero’s AI.

By leveraging Textero at multiple points in your process, you can save huge amounts of time while improving the quality of your work.


Textero AI is an invaluable tool for anyone engaged in academic writing and research. The platform puts the power of artificial intelligence to work finding sources, providing insights, structuring papers, and crafting original text.

Getting started with Textero is easy and the free version allows you to test key features. But upgrading to the paid plan unlocks Textero’s full potential for drafting, editing, and enhancing academic writing work. By incorporating Textero AI into your workflow, you can significantly improve both the speed and quality of your papers and essays.

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