What is Krea AI: Image Generation & Live Painting

Contents Krea AI Features: (1)Krea AI Image Generation (2)Krea AI Webcam Integration (3)Krea AI Live Painting (4)Krea AI Artistic Styles Krea AI Pricing: Krea AI Future:

AI Image Generation Krea AI's Image Generation offers Supporting diverse creative domains, it streamlines the image creation process with customizable prompts and settings for personalized results.

AI Webcam Integration: Translate live movements into personalized AI-generated creations, revolutionizing the creative process across diverse domains like graphic design, product photography, and architecture.

AI Live Painting:  Krea AI Live Painting offers real-time image conversion into custom-style paintings with adjustable options like brush size and color, seamlessly integrating with programs like Photoshop.

AI Artistic Styles:  Krea AI provides a range of versatile artistic styles for creative exploration, offering tools like color pickers and shape tools for experimentation and image integration.

Krea AI Pricing: Free Plan: Includes 50 image generations per day at no cost. Pro Plan: Offers Unlimited Image and Video Generations, 5 AI training sessions per month,Fast Processing, Private images, and AI training for $30 Per month ($24 per month with yearly commitment).

Krea AI Future: Krea AI promises to revolutionize creativity with its real-time visual generation across various domains, hinting at a Future where AI enhances productivity and expands into diverse fields beyond traditional creative domains.