What Is BharatGPT

BharatGPT is an ambitious India-centric conversational AI platform that aims to transform diverse sectors through responsible and generative AI capabilities.

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What Is BharatGPT

BharatGPT is a human-centric conversational AI platform

BharatGPT is a human-centric conversational AI platform developed by CoRover.ai, aimed at providing personalized conversations and assistance in multiple languages, including text, voice, and video. It is India’s answer to existing generative AI systems and is designed to support more than 12 Indian languages and over 120 foreign languages.

BharatGPT is designed with key features and implementations


BharatGPT is designed with better governance and safety nets, along with informational and end-to-end transactional capabilities for various organizations.

Various Sectors

BharatGPT has been implemented in various sectors, such as IncomeTaxGPT, GSTGPT, HealthGPT, MediaGPT, TourismGPT, RailGPT, AirGPT, BusGPT, ShipGPT, TelecomGPT, ExternalAffairsGPT, EducationGPT, SkillGPT, KaramYogiGPT, ECIGPT, LegalGPT, JusticeGPT, DARPGGPT, GeMGPT, SpaceGPT, EnergyGPT, ConsumerGPT, BFSIGPT, and more.

State-specific Implementations

BharatGPT has been adapted for specific states in India, such as KarnatakaGPT and GujaratGPT.

Consumer ChatBots

BharatGPT will eventually lead to consumer chatbots in various domains, like BankGPT, InsureGPT, InvestGPT, PayGPT, EatGPT, LearnGPT, TravelGPT, EntertainGPT, PlayGPT, RetailGPT, AstroGPT, GovGPT, NatureGPT, KisanGPT, and more.

SovereignGPT for Other Countries

BharatGPT can also be integrated with CoRover’s Conversational AI platform for other countries, such as NipponGPT, BritGPT, and AfricaGPT.

BharatGPT aims to impact over 1 billion lives

BharatGPT has been developed to be a responsible AI with generative capabilities, aiming to impact more than 1 billion lives. The platform is available as a mobile app on Google Play and can also be accessed through its web version.

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BharatGPT Jio

Reliance Jio is collaborating on Bharat GPT with IIT Bombay

Reliance Jio Infocomm, a leading telecom company in India, is working on a project called ‘Bharat GPT’ in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. The platform aims to deliver India-centric multi-lingual and multi-modal GPT/LLMs and is a unique Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative led by IIT Bombay.

The consortium has premier academic and industry partners

The consortium includes other premier academic institutes such as IIT Madras, IIT Mandi, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Kanpur, IIT Hyderabad, IIM Indore, and Bhashini (a division of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology). The industry partners include Seetha Mahalaxmi Healthcare Private Limited led by Dr. Vishnu Vardhan, Reliance Jio, and NASSCOM.

Bharat GPT aims to transform sectors with AI technology

The collaboration between Jio and IIT Bombay has been ongoing since 2014, and they are working on generative pretrained transformers/large language model-based solutions for key business areas. Bharat GPT is expected to be a significant leap forward in AI technology, transforming various sectors and products in India.

Bharat GPT will support multiple formats and languages

The platform will support multiple formats and languages, making it accessible to a wide range of users. In addition to the Bharat GPT program, Jio is also working on developing its own operating system (OS) for televisions.

Jio aims for horizontal and vertical AI integration

The company aims to launch AI not only as a vertical inside their organization but also horizontally across all their sectors. Jio is poised to launch 5G private networks and is committed to AI integration.

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What Are The Features Of BharatGPT

Language Translation

BharatGPT can be used to translate text from one language to another, making it easier for people to communicate and understand each other. The model’s ability to generate high-quality text in multiple Indian languages is particularly useful where there are many regional languages.

Content Creation

BharatGPT can be used to generate content for various types of media, such as news articles, blog posts, or social media posts.

Inbuilt Payment Gateway

BharatGPT has an inbuilt payment gateway for real-time transactions.

Dialogue and Conversational Management

BharatGPT has dialogue and conversational management features.

Multilingual Capability

BharatGPT supports over 12 Indian languages and over 120 foreign languages, catering to the nuanced linguistic preferences of a diverse user base.

Seamless ERP/CRM Integration

BharatGPT can be seamlessly integrated with ERP/CRM systems and APIs, allowing for seamless incorporation into various organizational workflows.

Custom Knowledge Bases

BharatGPT has custom knowledge bases.

Data Sovereignty

BharatGPT is hosted on Google Cloud Platform for data sovereignty, privacy, and security, ensuring that user data is kept within the country’s borders.

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How Does BharatGPT Work

1. User Interaction

The user interacts with BharatGPT through text, voice, or video input, depending on the available modalities.

2. Natural Language Processing

BharatGPT uses natural language processing (NLP) techniques to understand and interpret the user’s input, such as text or speech.

3. Machine Learning and Deep Learning

BharatGPT leverages machine learning and deep learning algorithms to generate appropriate responses based on the user’s input and the information available in its training dataset.

4. Contextual Relevance

The platform ensures that the generated responses are contextually relevant and grammatically correct, taking into account the user’s context and the specific language being used.

5. Multilingual Support

BharatGPT supports more than 12 Indian languages and over 120 foreign languages, making it capable of understanding and responding in a wide range of languages.

6. Integration with Other Services

BharatGPT can be integrated with various services, such as ERP/CRM systems and APIs, allowing seamless incorporation into organizational workflows.

BharatGPT aims for responsible and generative AI

BharatGPT is designed to be a responsible AI with generative capabilities, aiming to impact more than 1 billion lives and provide versatile solutions for diverse sectors.


BharatGPT is an ambitious India-centric conversational AI platform that aims to transform diverse sectors through responsible and generative AI capabilities. With multilingual support, seamless integration, and customized features, BharatGPT seeks to impact over 1 billion lives in India.

The collaboration between industry leader Reliance Jio and premier academic institutes signifies India’s commitment to developing impactful AI for the benefit of society. As BharatGPT evolves, it has the potential to enable more inclusive growth and bridge the digital divide in the country.

The platform’s unique approach of prioritizing data sovereignty could also emerge as a model for other nations wanting to build AI with local relevance. BharatGPT represents an important milestone in India’s journey towards becoming an AI superpower.

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