What Is Modash AI?

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Influencer marketing has exploded in popularity in recent years as brands seek creative ways to reach targeted audiences on social media. As the influencer landscape continues to grow increasingly complex, platforms like Modash aim to help brands streamline influencer identification, management, and measurement.

In this comprehensive 1500 word overview, I will dive deep into all aspects of Modash – from its core features and capabilities to pricing, reviews, competitors, and potential limitations – to determine if it is the right influencer marketing solution.

Introduction to Modash

First, what exactly is Modash? Modash is an end-to-end influencer marketing platform designed specifically to help brands manage influencer campaigns on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

With Modash, brands can search through a database of over 250 million influencer profiles, analyze audience demographics and interests, set up influencer collaborations, automatically track performance, collect content, and gain data-driven insights to optimize their influencer strategy.

I’ll be taking an in-depth look at the platform’s offerings to understand who can benefit from utilizing Modash for their influencer marketing efforts.

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Key Features and Capabilities

Modash offers a robust suite of features and tools to support influencer discovery, campaign management, performance tracking, and reporting. Here are some of the platform’s core capabilities:

Influencer Discovery and Vetting

  • Search database of 250M+ profiles across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
  • Set filters by followers, engagement rate, topics, interests, language
  • Analyze influencer authenticity including fake followers
  • View detailed audience demographics – age, gender, location

Campaign Management

  • Send collaboration briefs and manage responses
  • Track status of all outreach and partnerships
  • Schedule content approvals through unified inbox
  • Assign tasks and collaborate across teams

Performance Tracking & Measurement

  • Track impressions, reach, engagement, conversion rate
  • Monitor hashtags, mentions, keywords, disclosures
  • Collect all influencer content from Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
  • Get Shopify revenue data and ROI directly in platform

Reporting and Analysis

  • Custom reporting and dashboards
  • Benchmark performance over time
  • Identify top performing influencers and campaign creative
  • Optimize strategy based on actionable data and trends

These features provide end-to-end support for researching, activating, managing, and measuring influencer campaigns. Next, let’s look at pricing.

Breakdown of Modash’s Pricing Plans

Modash offers several pricing plans depending on needs:

  • Essentials – $99/mo or $1080/yr

Best for getting started with influencer marketing and testing smaller campaigns

  • Performance – $249/mo or $2688/yr

More capabilities for growing teams and campaigns

  • Advanced – $449/mo or $4788/yr

Robust features and account management for larger programs

  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

For large teams and max features / capabilities

14-day free trial available. Discounts offered for annual subscriptions paid upfront.

As you can see, Modash starts at an affordable entry point for smaller brands but scales up to advanced enterprise plans as programs expand.

Reviews and Reputation Among Users

Modash generally has positive reviews and ratings among influencer marketing teams:


  • Very large influencer profile database with accurate audience analytics
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Regular platform updates and feature releases
  • Helpful customer support


  • Can be costlier than some competing platforms
  • Occasional accuracy issues with data reported
  • Limited to just Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Reviews highlight Modash’s strengths around influencer discovery and audience demographic insights. The main complaints focus on its pricing and scope being restricted to only three platforms.

Comparing Modash to Leading Alternatives

How does Modash compare against some of the other top influencer marketing platforms on the market in terms of features, capabilities, and pricing?

  • HypeAuditor – Wider platform scope but smaller influencer database vs Modash. Also offers more advanced fraud detection.
  • Grin – More ecommerce features but platform is more expensive compared to Modash.
  • Traackr – Covers more platforms than Modash but has a smaller influencer profile database.
  • Heepsy – Very budget friendly for small brands but lacks Modash’s robust analytics.
  • SARAL – Provides more campaign automation but lacks the influencer search power of Modash.

When weighing pros and cons, Modash stands out for its focus on in-depth influencer discovery and audience demographics analysis, albeit restricted to only three platforms.

Limitations and Potential Drawbacks to Consider

Despite its benefits, some limitations of Modash to keep in mind:

  • Only covers Instagram, TikTok and YouTube (no Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Light on ecommerce features compared to some competitors
  • Does not provide estimated reach/impressions
  • Can be cost prohibitive for very small teams and budgets
  • Less workflow automation functionality

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Modash offers unmatched influencer discovery and audience insights, making it easy to identify and activate the right partnerships to meet campaign goals. For brands focused on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, Modash provides robust analytics and management tools.

However, potential drawbacks around pricing, platform scope and ecommerce functionality may make alternatives like Traackr or Grin better options depending on specific business needs.

The ideal influencer marketing platform depends on your budget, team size, target platforms and overall objectives. For any brand investing in influencers, Modash warrants strong consideration given its strengths and growing reputation in the space.

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