What is Switchlight AI?

SwitchLight AI is an AI-powered photo editing tool developed by Beeble that allows users to easily modify and enhance.

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Switchlight AI

SwitchLight AI is an AI-powered photo editing tool developed by Beeble that allows users to easily modify and enhance their photos through intelligent lighting effects and background replacement. With its advanced AI technology, SwitchLight provides users with creative flexibility and control over their images.

How Does Switchlight AI Work

The magic behind SwitchLight AI lies in its state-of-the-art AI algorithms that can analyze an image and intelligently isolate the main subjects from their original background.

Here’s an overview of how SwitchLight works:

  • Users simply upload a photo into the SwitchLight app or web platform. The AI engine then gets to work analyzing the image.
  • Using segmentation and masking techniques, SwitchLight’s AI isolates the main subjects in the photo from the original background. This could be a person, multiple people, or any main focal point that needs to be extracted.
  • Once extracted, users can apply different backgrounds of their choice. The AI seamlessly integrates the main subjects into the new background, taking into account shadows, lighting, and environmental effects.
  • Users can further modify the lighting on the main subjects using SwitchLight’s relighting presets or by copying light settings from another reference image. This gives a realistic and natural lighting effect.
  • Additional tools allow users to refine the final composite image, and adjust shadows, highlights, and blending until the desired creative effect is achieved.
  • The enhanced image can then be exported in high resolution for use. SwitchLight supports common image formats like JPG, PNG, and JPEG.

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Switchlight AI API

For developers, SwitchLight provides an API that allows integration of its AI-powered editing capabilities into other applications.

Some key features of the SwitchLight API include:

  • Background replacement – isolate subjects and integrate them into a new background image.
  • Relighting – intelligently adjust lighting on subjects to match a new scene.
  • HDRI integration – for sophisticated image-based lighting effects.
  • Material acquisition – extract texture and lighting maps for 3D rendering.
  • Photo enhancement – improve overall image quality with tuned AI models.
  • Flexible input and output – support for common image formats like JPG, PNG.
  • Usage-based pricing – pay only for the credits used via API calls.

The SwitchLight API enables developers to quickly integrate powerful AI photo editing abilities into their own apps and services.

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Switchlight AI Pricing

SwitchLight offers flexible pricing plans to suit different needs:

Switchlight AI Pricing
  • Free Plan – Includes 60 credits per month. Perfect for trying out the platform.
  • Monthly Subscription – More credits at affordable monthly prices:
    • 100 credits for $8/month
    • 200 credits for $15/month
    • 500 credits for $35/month
    • 1000 credits for $65/month
  • Credits roll over up to 6 months while subscribed. Users can upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.
  • Credits are valid for up to 2 years.
  • Custom enterprise plans available for large volume usage.

Overall, SwitchLight is designed to provide excellent value, with volume discounts for power users. The free plan allows new users to test drive the technology for free.

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With its advanced AI technology that simplifies complex photo editing tasks like relighting, background replacement, and photo enhancement, SwitchLight provides an innovative tool for users to take their image creativity and editing abilities to new heights.

The available apps and API access make the platform accessible to individuals and developers alike. Overall, SwitchLight delivers sophisticated AI photo editing made simple.

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