Is AI Dungeon Safe for Kids?

AI Dungeon is a free-to-play multiplayer text-based game that uses Artificial Intelligence to generate content. The game was first released in May 2019, and an upgraded version was released later that year named AI Dungeon 2. While AI Dungeon is considered relatively safe to use, it is not suitable for children to play. The game is rated as 17+ on app stores due to the potential risks and inappropriate content that may arise during gameplay.

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Potential Risks of AI Dungeon for Kids

1. Inappropriate or Offensive Content

The game’s content is entirely based on user inputs, which can vary from player to player. As a result, there is a possibility of bumping into inappropriate or offensive content while playing AI Dungeon. This is particularly concerning for young children who may not have the maturity to handle such material.

2. Adult Content Involving Minors

Before the implementation of new safeguards, some players noted that innocuous situations involving child characters would become adulated without any player prompting in that direction. AI Dungeon has since implemented new safeguards to block content involving s*xual material regarding minors, but the risk remains a concern.

3. Garbled and Incoherent Stories

Even when the program is well-regulated against offensive content, the stories generated by AI Dungeon can sometimes be garbled and incoherent. This might lead to confusing and potentially distressing scenarios for young players.

4. Vulnerability of User Data

AI is a data-based technology that constantly learns and improves itself based on user interactions. Consequently, the user data input into AI Dungeon is always vulnerable to mishandling and theft, which could pose privacy and security risks for children.

Why AI Dungeon is Not Recommended for Children

Due to the aforementioned potential risks, it is not recommended for children to play AI Dungeon. The game’s content can be unpredictable and sometimes unsuitable for young audiences. The 17+ age rating on app stores reflects the mature nature of the game’s content and its potential impact on impressionable minds.

FAQs about AI Dungeon Safety for Kids

Q: Is AI Dungeon completely unsafe for kids?

No, AI Dungeon is not entirely unsafe for kids, but it carries potential risks due to its user-generated content. Parental guidance and supervision are strongly advised if children want to play the game.

Q: Can the offensive content be completely blocked in AI Dungeon?

AI Dungeon has implemented safeguards to block certain types of offensive content, including s*xual material involving minors. However, the AI’s content generation can still be unpredictable, and there’s no guarantee that all inappropriate content will be entirely filtered out.

Q: Are there any age-appropriate alternatives to AI Dungeon?

Yes, there are numerous age-appropriate games and interactive story platforms designed specifically for kids that offer safe and educational experiences without exposure to potentially harmful content.

Q: What measures can parents take to protect their children while using AI Dungeon?

Parents can set strict privacy settings and supervise their children’s interactions while using AI Dungeon. Additionally, open communication about potential risks and guidelines for appropriate content can be beneficial.

Q: Is AI Dungeon’s AI learning from player interactions?

Yes, AI Dungeon’s AI is constantly learning and improving based on user interactions. While this enhances the game’s content generation, it also means that user data is continually at risk of being exposed.

Q: How can players report inappropriate content within AI Dungeon?

AI Dungeon usually provides in-app reporting mechanisms to flag offensive content. Players can use these reporting tools to help the developers improve the game’s content filtering.


AI Dungeon is an innovative text-based game that utilizes AI technology to create interactive experiences. While it may be entertaining for some, it is not safe for children due to the potential risks associated with its user-generated content. Inappropriate and offensive material, as well as the vulnerability of user data, make it unsuitable for young audiences. Parents and guardians should be vigilant in monitoring their children’s digital experiences and consider age-appropriate alternatives to ensure their safety and well-being.

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