How To Use Vizard AI Free & Pricing, Login, APK, Alternative

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Vizard AI

Vizard AI is an AI-powered video editor designed for creators and marketers to turn long-form videos into viral social clips. It offers a range of features and benefits to make video creation easy and efficient.

Vizard AI Website

The Vizard AI website offers full details on the platform’s features, pricing plans, and other key information. Some highlights of the website include:

Overview of Core Features

  • Automatic generation of 10+ clips from a single video
  • 200+ pre-made video layouts
  • Automated cutting, editing, and resizing
  • Ability to add subtitles in 13 languages with 97% accuracy
  • Compatibility with various platforms and devices

Integration With Other Tools

Vizard AI integrates with tools like Zoom to enable easy editing and publishing of meeting recordings straight into shareable video clips.

Pricing Plans

The website outlines three pricing tiers – Starter, Pro, and Business, with monthly and yearly payment options. This caters to users with different budgets and needs.

Customer Testimonials

The website includes positive testimonials from real Vizard AI users highlighting how the platform saves time and effort in video creation.

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Vizard AI Login

To log in to Vizard AI, visit their login page at This is the login page for the Early Entry Affiliate Program. It can also be used for general login purposes if you already have an account.

If you do not have an account, you can sign up at to access the platform.

How to Use Vizard AI

Using Vizard AI to turn long videos into viral social media clips is simple:

Upload and Transcribe

First, upload your video and Vizard AI will transcribe the audio, cut out speakers, and process the video using its AI technology.

Generate Clips

Next, click the “AI clipping” feature to automatically generate designed video clips for platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Publish and Share

Finally, select your desired clips, download them, and publish or share them directly from Vizard AI.

Additional Features:

  • Animated captions in different fonts
  • Speaker detection and auto-reframe capability
  • Pre-made templates and custom creation options
  • Mobile app compatibility

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Vizard AI Alternatives

Some top Vizard AI alternatives as highlighted on Product Hunt include:

Visla: An all-in-one video creation and communication platform for teams.

FireCut AI: A co-pilot for Adobe Premiere Pro that automates tedious editing tasks.

Piktostory Beta: A simple but powerful video editing tool.

Other Options:

  • QuickVid
  • VEED
  • Vidboard AI
  • Video Generator by Vidds
  • Wisecut
  • Vatic AI
  • vidIQ

Each platform has unique capabilities so compare features to find the right fit.

Vizard AI Free Version

Vizard AI offers a free online video editor allowing users to create great videos without needing to download software.

However, specifics on features and limitations of the free version are not clearly outlined publicly.

Check out their website and resources for more details on the capabilities of the free version.

Upgrading to a paid plan unlocks additional advanced functionalities.

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Vizard AI Pricing

Vizard AI has three main pricing tiers:

Starter Plan

  • $99 per month
  • 1 image generation per month
  • 10 GB storage

Pro Plan

  • $225 per month
  • 2 image generations per month
  • 40 GB storage

Business Plan

  • $899 per month
  • 10 image generations per month
  • 200 GB storage

Free Version

There is also a free version with limited features. Check their website for details.

Vizard AI Video to Text

The Vizard AI video-to-text feature allows free conversion of videos into text.

How to use:

  1. Upload the video
  2. Select language
  3. Vizard AI transcribes into text with captions/subtitles
  4. Edit transcript as needed
  5. Export subtitled video and subtitles

This saves time, makes content more inclusive, and enables repurposing video content.

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Vizard AI APK

There is a Vizard Share APK on APKCombo for Android. This facilitates creating and sharing Shopify videos.

However, it may not integrate directly with the core Vizard AI platform. Check with Vizard AI for mobile app availability.

Vizard AI Reviews

Vizard AI reviews highlight:

  • Ease of use with polished interface
  • Automation of tedious editing
  • Quick generation of engaging social media content
  • Simplifies video creation for creators/marketers

It has a 5/5 rating on Product Hunt based on user reviews praising its helpfulness.


Vizard AI is an AI-powered video editing platform with excellent capabilities for easily creating shareable video content. Key features include automated editing, customization abilities, and content creation for social media. Reviews rate it highly as a timesaving tool. Alternatives are also available.

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